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Job Shadowing for Librarians (Librarians Are Go)

We have had the first of our many job shadowing opportunities last week and I thought I might take a moment to share the thinking behind it and the processes that surround it. [Last checked: 20/08/2019]

Job Shadowing Opportunities

Are you curious about other library sectors? Want to see a day in the life of a librarian? Job shadowing might be the answer! [Last checked: 20/08/2019]

Top 7 Questions To Ask On a Job Shadow Interview (Find Success Mentors)

Job shadowing is a great way to observe someone at work and test drive a career BEFORE you invest your time and money. [Last checked: 20/08/2019]


How to Job Shadow?

Here at we’re all about virtual job shadowing.  You can find tons of information about the jobs and what the people doing them have to say.

But after taking the initial steps of virtually shadowing a job that interests you what’s next?  It may be time to do the real thing.  Nothing beats actually following someone around during a typical day on their job.  [Last checked: 20/08/2019]

Job Shadowing (Manchester Metropolitan University)

Comprehensive guidance document on job shadowing including definitions, benefits and considerations. [Last checked: 20/08/2019]

Job Shadowing (University of Kent)

The information provided here aims to outline the key aspects which may need to be considered in requesting, agreeing, planning, undertaking and reviewing a job shadowing opportunity. [Last checked: 20/08/2019]

Work Shadowing (Prospects)

Work shadowing is all about observing someone in their day-to-day role. By watching, instead of doing, you’ll gain an in-depth understanding of the workplace and a real sense of whether the job is right for you. [Last checked: 20/08/2019]

Work Shadowing (The University of Manchester)

Work shadowing is an informal type of work experience where you observe someone in their role to understand how they do their job. It is usually short term (a few days at most) and unpaid. It aims to provide an insight rather than hands on experience. This can be useful experience to gain in careers where few formal internships exist, or where the role is not one an intern or placement student can do with their level of experience, e.g. solicitor. [Last checked: 28/08/2019]

Job Shadowing Is Effective On-the-Job Training

Job shadowing is a type of on-the-job employee job training in which a new employee or an employee desiring to become familiar with a different job, follows and observes a trained and experienced employee. Job shadowing is an effective form of job training for certain jobs. [Last checked: 20/08/19]

Work Shadowing (Newcastle University)

Work shadowing is when you observe staff performing key duties in the workplace. It can help you gain a better idea of what employment in a particular job or sector is like. [Last checked: 20/08/19]

Types of Job Shadowing (University of Cambridge)

The type of job shadowing that is undertaken will depend on the needs of the host and the shadowee and on the amount of time that can be allocated to the shadowing. This should be discussed between the host, the shadowee and their line manager. [Last checked: 20/08/19]