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Talent Management Toolkit

This Talent Management Toolkit is a self-directed learning resource aimed to assist those who wish to implement talent management schemes in their library and information services and need to seek out resources to meet those requirements.   It has been developed in association with Claire Bradshaw Associates.   [Last checked: 31/8/20]


Is Lack of Leadership Talent a Long-term Condition for the NHS? (The King’s Fund, 2015)

With the growing body of evidence that links good leadership to positive compassionate cultures, added to our recent research into the worryingly high levels of senior leadership vacancies, I have begun to ponder if the lack of leadership talent is another long-term condition for the NHS? [Last checked: 31/8/20]


Adamsen, B. (2016) Demystifying talent management: a critical approach to the realities of talent. Palgrave Macmillan

Demystifying Talent Management questions the explanation of talent, that anyone who has ‘more’ has a talent, and demonstrates how the term ‘talent’ has become an empty signifier. This book asks if talent exists at all, and reflects on what the consequences for talent management within business and sports would be if this were the case. [Last checked: 31/8/20]

Hampel, B. and Bruce, A. (2014) The Talent Assessment and Development Pocket Toolkit: how to get the most out of your best people. McGraw Hill Education 

Packed with strategies, tactics, and tips you can start putting to use right away, The Talent Assessment and Development Pocket Tool Kit gives you instant access to create a powerful workforce that will launch your company to the top. [Last checked: 31/8/20]

Turner, P. (2018) Talent management in Healthcare: exploring how the world’s health service organisations attract, manage and develop talent. Palgrave Macmillan 

Explores the varying roles of HR practitioners and the implications for new competencies. Offers in-depth case studies on healthcare organisation from countries across continents, including the UK and the USA. Provides a strategic guide for developing talent in the healthcare industry and implications for best practice [Last checked: 31/8/20]

O’Loughlin, K (2018) The Science of Talent: how to find, grow and keep the right people in your organisation. Panoma Press

Lots of people know that ‘talent happens’ in their organisation, but many are not quite sure what ‘talent’ is or how ‘it’ happens. [Last checked: 31/8/20]


Albert, A.; Ahnberg, K. and Hayes, L. (2017) Talent Management and New Trajectories: preparing and maintaining early career librarians. University Libraries Presentations, 31

A poster presentation on preparing and retaining early career librarians [Last checked: 31/8/20]

O’Brien, C. and Casey, A. M. (2017) Talent Management: hiring and developing engaged employees. Library and Leadership Management, 32 (1)

Talent management, which includes intentional work design, leadership development, and employee engagement, is a growing trend in the world of commerce, both domestically and globally. This article provides a review of the literature on talent management and explores ways in which this human resource management concept might be applicable to higher education and libraries. [Last checked: 31/8/20]

Rutledge, L. et al (2016) Competency-Based Talent Management: three perspectives in an academic library. Journal of Library Administration, 56 (3), 235-250

This article describes how the University of Utah’s J. Willard Marriott Library implemented a competency-based talent management system across the organisation to address organisational, departmental, and individual needs. [Last checked: 31/8/20]


Claire Bradshaw

Specialises in coaching, talent management. Developed the new talent management toolkit for Knowledge for Healthcare (see above). [Last checked: 31/8/20]


Talent Management for Academic Libraries (Ithaka S+R, 2015)

Briefing document on the use of talent management in libraries. Focus is on academic libraries but contains useful background information on talent management and how to implement it in the library setting. [Last checked: 31/8/20]

Talent Management: Developing Leadership Not Just Leaders (The King’s Fund, 2015)

In light of the high number of board-level vacancies in the NHS and an increasing reliance on expensive locum and agency staff, NHS organisations need to have effective strategies in place to develop future leaders. This paper helps boards and other NHS leaders to decide which processes and systems need to be in place to support the recruitment, development, retention and deployment of an agile workforce. [Last checked: 31/8/20]


NHS Leadership Academy Talent Management Hub

We have been working together with our Local Development Partners (LDPs) to develop a suite of talent management resources to support effective talent management processes which enable all our valuable NHS employees’ potential to be maximised. We decided to develop the NHS Talent Management Hub to provide this much needed resource and to be the online home of our supportive talent management and maximising potential materials. [Last checked: 31/8/20]