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Thing 22: Volunteering To Gain Experience

23 Things blog post focusing on the value of volunteering in library work. [Last checked: 30/9/20]


Driggers, P. and Dumas, E. (2011) Managing Library Volunteers (2nd ed.). ALA Publishing 

Quality volunteers can make a world of difference in today’s library, and this hands-on guide gives you everything you need to maximize your library’s services and build a bridge between your library and the community it serves. [Last checked: 30/9/20]

Holt, G. and Holt, L. (2013) Success With Library Volunteers. Libraries Unlimited

Covering principles, practical guidelines, and best practices for establishing and operating a successful library volunteer program in any type of library, this is a must-have resource for the 21st-century librarian. [Last checked: 30/9/20]

Renner, A. (2019) Library Volunteers: A practical guide for librarians. Rowman and Littlefield

Volunteers are one of the most overlooked and underused resources available to nonprofits and other organizations. This guide will help find willing volunteers in the community and utilize their skills in a way that benefits the volunteer as well as the organization.  [Last checked: 30/9/20]


Community managed libraries: good practice toolkit

This gov.uk toolkit covers the various steps and provides supporting information on setting up a community library, implementing a community library and sustaining a community library.  [Last checked: 30/9/20]


ALA Wiki on Volunteering in Libraries (American Library Association)

Overview of using volunteers in libraries, U.S.-focused but contains useful info. [Last checked: 30/9/20]

CILIP: Volunteering

CILIP policy statement on library volunteering. [Last checked: 30/9/20]

Developing and Managing Volunteer Programs (Free Management Library)

Links to resources on developing and managing volunteers. The sections are organised in the order in which they might be needed in an organisation that is starting a volunteer management program. [Last checked: 30/9/20]

Energize: For Leaders of Volunteers

Resources for involving volunteers successfully. [Last checked: 30/9/20]

Library Volunteer Job Descriptions (California Library Volunteers)

Job descriptions for a variety of different volunteer jobs in libraries. [Last checked: 30/9/20]

NCVO website

Volunteering can make a real difference to your own life and the lives of those around you. We want to ensure that anyone thinking about giving their time can find a volunteering opportunity which is right for them, whether it’s supporting a victim of crime or helping out at a local sports club. [Last checked: 30/9/20]

Volunteer Placements, Rights and Expenses

Information on volunteer placements, rights and expenses from gov.uk [Last checked: 30/9/20]