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Make working at home work for you: sensible sources of advice/tips and tricks on working from home

If you have library assistants working from home, or your your service is physically closed to users with only library and knowledge service staff in, here are some ideas of the work they could be doing. We have also drawn together some of the CPD opportunities that are available. This work has been pulled together from suggestions from across England. 

CPD for Library Assistants

Working From Home Suggestions for Library Assistants

Blog Posts

8 Tips for Teaching Library Sessions Online

Tips from Ned Potter for retooling your sessions to work in a webinar type environment. [Last checked: 6/1/21]

A day in the life of a home-worker

Naomi Hall, Knowledge Service Assistant for Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust shares her daily home-working routine. [Last Checked: 6/1/21]

So we are all working from home now and Going virtual

Matt Holland, LKS for NHS Ambulance Services in England is a home based librarian. In these 2 posts he shares his tips on working from home. [Last Checked: 6/1/21]

Practical Help

BBC – Tricks and tools for better working from home

Practical guidance about working from home including staying in touch and staying secure. [Last Checked:6/1/21]

CIPD – Flexible working practices

Explores the benefits of flexible working, and gives practical tips on implementing flexible working practices (need to register for free account for full access). [Last Checked: 6/1/21]

CIPD – Getting the most from remote working

Tips from the CIPD to help you and your team get the most out of homeworking (need to register for free account for full access). [Last Checked: 6/1/21]

Future Learn – Collaborative working in a remote team

This online course demonstrates how to work effectively and collaboratively with your team, whether you’re at home or on the other side of the world. [Last Checked: 6/1/21]

Leading virtual meetings – top tips

Part of the King’s Fund’s ‘Leading Through COVID-19’ project. Some hints and tips on working virtually adapted from Zoom and from the research of Ghislaine Caulat (2012). [Last Checked: 6/1/21]

Managing through crisis: How to work remotely

Harvard Business School’s Professor Tsedal Neeley and CMCO Brian Kenny use Zoom to discuss everything from creating a routine, connecting with colleagues and virtual presentations. [Last Checked: 6/1/21]

PC MagUK – 20 tips for working from home

This provides practical tips about working from home, from setting out boundaries and breaks, to the practicalities of equipment and space needs. [Last Checked:6/1/21]

The Pomodoro Technique

This focuses your concentration for a specific amount of time, followed by a break. [Last Checked: 6/1/21]

Children Home Too?

Business Insider: 10 tips for working from home with your kids there

Some tips for working from home if you have children at home too from someone who has been doing it whilst working as a freelance writer. [Last Checked: 6/1/21]