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Impact Case Studies Database 

Case studies can be used to capture and summarise the outcome of interviews in an effective way. The information can be used for advocacy, marketing and promotion of LKS. [Last checked: 01/06/2018]

Some Examples of Our Impact

Health librarians and knowledge specialists working closely with staff and organisations within the NHS and wider health sector bring tangible benefits, including savings in time, costs and better operational efficiency. [Last checked: 01/06/2018]


Blog Posts

Libraries Taskforce

Creative thinking: tips and techniques for breaking out from the familiar! [Last checked: 01/06/2018]

DropBox Business

How to introduce creative thinking, solve problems, and generate new ideas at work [Last checked: 01/06/2018]

DropBox Business

How to spark your creativity and come up with new ideas [Last checked: 01/06/2018]




Wide range of skill-building resources to help you to become exceptionally effective and highly successful, transform into an inspirational manager and leader – and even become happier at work. [Last checked: 01/06/2018]