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Ahmed, P. (2010) Innovation Management: Context, Strategies, Systems and Processes, FT/Prentice Hall << check your library >>

Helps the reader to understand innovation and creativity, innovation frameworks and best practices with examples and case studies. [Last checked: 2/5/18]

Dodgson, D. (2015) The Oxford Handbook of Innovation Management, Oxford University Press << check your library >>

A comprehensive analysis of the nature and importance of innovation and the strategies and practices that can be used to improve organizational benefits from innovation. [Last checked: 2/5/18]



Thinking Differently Guide from NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement

The book you have in your hands is a practical, introductory guide to thinking differently. It is not a comprehensive blueprint nor is it designed to make you an expert in thinking. But it will get you started on a journey of thinking differently, and therefore doing things differently, that we hope continues well into your future. [Last checked: 2/5/18]



European Journal of Innovation Management

The Journal publishes research on all aspects of innovation management in organizational contexts. [Last checked: 2/5/18]


Reports and Articles

Adoption and spread of innovation in the NHS (The Kings Fund)

This article aims to make a pragmatic contribution to the discussion of how to speed up the adoption of service innovation in the NHS. It draws on eight examples of successful spread of innovation supported by academic health science networks [Last checked 08/08/18]

Against the odds: Successfully scaling innovation in the NHS

This report from the Innovation Unit and the Health Foundation calls for new approaches to scaling tried and tested health care innovations. It highlights the need to create the right conditions to spread these successfully across the NHS. Through a public crowdsourcing campaign and an expert working group, the report’s authors identified a shortlist of 10 innovations that have successfully spread across the NHS in recent years. From these, they have drawn out insights into how scale might be more effectively pursued and supported in the future. [Last checked 08/08/18]

Guide to the AHSN Network 2018

Detailing the impact to date of England’s 15 Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs), as well as outlining future plans for the years ahead. [Last checked 08/08/18]

Undertaking an information needs assessment: a practice guide (UK Health Forum)

Information and evidence that public health practitioners require to inform their work can be difficult and time consuming to find. By conducting INAs, knowledge and library services can ensure their services are fitting user needs, address barriers to information access and use the results to support service developments. The toolkit has been designed to be simple to use and enables people to build their own assessment by selecting questions from the ready made question bank. [Last checked: 2/5/18]



The Edge Walkers podcasts

Series 2 podcasts interviews individuals who challenge current thinking and processes within health and social care with the aim of making major breakthroughs and positive change. [Last checked: 2/5/18]



Chartered Institute Management Accountants

Topic Gateway includes a basic definition, a brief overview and a fuller explanation of practical application. [Last checked: 2/5/18]


In today’s rapidly changing business environment, managing innovation effectively has become an essential requirement for staying competitive. Long term sustainability for a business may be determined by a company’s ability to competently direct innovation resources to address a constantly changing market and economic environment. [Last checked: 2/5/18]