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Aherne, J. and Whelton, J. (2010) Applying Lean in Healthcare: a collection of international case studies, CRC Press

International case studies demonstrating improvements in a variety of healthcare settings across the world. [Last checked: 30/11/20]

Eaton, M. (2008) Lean for Practitioners: an Introduction for Healthcare Organisations (2nd ed.), Ecademy

Written as a starter guide for those involved in delivering Lean in healthcare organisations, covering tools, theory and practice. [Last checked: 30/11/20]

Eaton, M. (2013) The Lean Practitioner’s Handbook, Kogan Page

Practical resource for anyone preparing for, implementing or evaluating lean activities covering key areas such as aspects of a lean programme, scoping a programme, value stream mapping, rapid improvement events etc. [Last checked: 30/11/20]

Furterer, S.L. (2014) Lean Six Sigma Case Studies in the Healthcare Enterprise, Springer

Provides a detailed description of how to apply Lean Six Sigma in healthcare, with emphasis on process improvement and operations management. [Last checked: 30/11/20]

Graban, M. (2016) Lean Hospital: improving quality, patient safety and employee engagement (3rd ed.), Productivity Press

Explains how to use Lean management to improve safety, quality, access and morale whilst reducing costs. [Last checked: 30/11/20]

Hines, P. (2010) Staying Lean: thriving not just surviving (2nd ed.), CRC Press

Explains how to create and sustain a lean business following the journey of Cogent Power. [Last checked: 30/11/20]

Huber, J. J. (2011) Lean Library Management: Eleven Strategies for Reducing Costs and Improving Customer Services, Neal-Schuman

Shows how to apply lean principles and practices to save time and money. [Last checked: 30/11/20]

Jackson, L. J. (2013) Kaizen Workshops for Lean Healthcare, CRC Press

Describes what a kaizen event is and details all the phases for implementing continuous improvement practices. [Last checked: 30/11/20]

Rona Consulting Group (2014) The Lean Healthcare Dictionary: an illustrated guide to using the language of Lean management in healthcare, CRC Press

Defines essential lean and healthcare terms. [Last checked: 30/11/20]


Wellman, J. et al (2016) Leading the Lean Healthcare Journey: driving culture change to increase value (2nd ed.), Productivity Press

Discusses ways to transform key personnel into change agents and engage all staff in a patient focussed culture with stories from healthcare organisations change agents. [Last checked: 30/11/20]

Pisek, P. E. (2014) Accelerating Health Care Transformation with Lean and Innovation: the Virginia Mason experience, CRC Press

Describes implementation of lean at Virginia Mason Medical Center. [Last checked: 30/11/20]


Lean Management Journal

Leading publication on lean and continuous improvement offering in-depth analysis, comment, case studies and reviews. [Last checked: 30/11/20]

International Journal of Lean Six Sigma

Publishes original, empirical and review papers, case studies and theoretical frameworks or models related to Lean and Six Sigma methodologies. [Last checked: 30/11/20]


Planet Lean: The Lean Global Network Journal

Planet Lean is the official online publication of Lean Global Network, launched in February 2014 with the aim to share the knowledge on lean thinking and practice gained by LGN’s 17 institutes around the world, their partners and customers. [Last checked: 30/11/20]

What is lean? (Lean Enterprise Institute)

The Lean Enterprise Institute, Inc. (LEI), founded by James P. Womack in 1997, is a nonprofit education, publishing, research, and conference organization with an action plan. [Last checked: 30/11/20]