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Facet Publishing: Marketing << check your library >>

Books published by Facet on library marketing. [Last checked: 2/5/18]

Bradley, P (2015) Social Media for Creative Libraries, Facet Publishing << check your library >>

Social Media for Creative Libraries explains how librarians and information professionals can use online tools to communicate more effectively, teach people different skills and to market and promote their service faster, cheaper and more effectively.  [Last checked: 2/5/18]

Rowley, J (2016) Information Marketing (2nd ed) Routledge

In this fully revised second edition of Information Marketing Jenny Rowley explores the impact of globalization, digitization, connectivity and customization in the information marketplace. [Last checked: 2/5/18]



The Social Media Toolkit for Healthcare

This toolkit will instruct, educate and guide your organisation and employees on how to use social media effectively, and efficiently. It covers everything from writing your social media strategy, to which platforms to use and how you can engage your organisation to embrace its potential. [Last checked: 2/5/18]



MLS: Marketing Library Services Newsletter

MLS will provide information professionals in all types of libraries with specific ideas for marketing their services. You’ll find numerous suggestions for planning programs, making money, increasing business, and proving your value to your administrator. [Last checked: 7/8/18]



Align Change, Coaching and Development

Bespoke training run by Amanda Stearn to help teams and individuals find and develop the very best in themselves, coupled with a highly practical, business-focused and real-world emphasis. [Last checked: 2/5/18]

Lisa Jeskins

Tailored, relevant and engaging training for you and your staff. Includes training on social media. [Last checked: 7/8/18]

Anita Phul

Training librarian in the West Midlands region with an interest in engaging and interactive library inductions.  See ‘Tips for Library Inductions’ below for more information. [Last checked: 2/5/18]

Ned Potter

An information professional working in Higher Education. Ned writes about and delivers training on communication, marketing libraries, useful technologies and presentation skills. [Last checked: 7/8/18]



Tips for Library Inductions

This project originated from the West Midlands Trainers’ Group as a result of librarians wanting to make their inductions more engaging for effective promotion of library services and is particularly useful as a source of ‘pick and mix’ ideas that library staff can use to enhance their inductions. A number of library staff have contributed including staff in the North West. [Last checked: 2/5/18]

1) Introduction to Project and Survey Results
2) Literature Search about Interactive Induction Techniques
3) Case Studies Demonstrating Interactive Library Induction Methods
4) General Tips for Effective Inductions
5) Library Inductions Checklist



The 7 Step Marketing Toolkit

The Strategic Marketing Toolkit puts your customers at the centre of service planning, delivery and promotion. Its 7 easy steps will help you to create marketing plans that clarify distinct service offers, target key customer groups and communicate the benefits of your services effectively. Originally developed by University Library Services at the University of Sunderland, the toolkit has now been employed for various purposes at Sunderland and beyond, and has proved to be both highly accessible and transferable. [Last checked: 7/8/18]