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Note, M (2015) Project Management for Information Professionals, Chandos Publishing

Aimed at practitioners, this handbook imparts guidance on project management techniques in the cultural heritage sector. Information professionals often direct complex endeavors with limited project management training or resources. Project Management for Information Professionals demystifies the tools and processes essential to successful project management and advises on how to manage the interpersonal dynamics and organizational culture that influence the effectiveness of these methods. With this book, readers will gain the knowledge to initiate, plan, execute, monitor, and close projects. [Last checked: 43234]

Lock, B (2014) The Essentials of Project Management (4th ed), Routledge

Essentials provides a concise, straightforward account of the principles and techniques of project management, designed to meet the needs of the business manager or student. [Last checked: 43234]

Allan, B (2004) Project Management: Tools and Techniques for Today’s ILS Professional, Facet Publishing

This book provides a ‘no-nonsense’ guide to project management which will enable library and information professionals to lead or take part in a wide range of projects from large-scale multi-organization complex projects through to relatively simple local ones. [Last checked: 43234]


Horwath, J.A. (2012) How Do We Manage? Project Management in Libraries: An Investigation. Partnership: the Canadian Journal of Library and Information Practice and Research, vol. 7, no. 1

Despite the fact that libraries are undertaking projects to accomplish their goals and objectives, there is little information in the library literature about how libraries, large and small, are managing their projects. While organizations in both the public and private sector have embraced formal project management (PM) methodologies such as those espoused by the Project Management Institute, there is little evidence that libraries are using formal or standardized approaches. This paper seeks to take a first step toward understanding how libraries are managing their projects and to uncover the activities, tools and techniques, best practices, challenges, success criteria and success factors of projects undertaken in libraries, especially those in Ontario. [Last checked: 43234]

Undertaking an information needs assessment: a practice guide (UK Health Forum)

Information and evidence that public health practitioners require to inform their work can be difficult and time consuming to find. By conducting INAs, knowledge and library services can ensure their services are fitting user needs, address barriers to information access and use the results to support service developments. The toolkit has been designed to be simple to use and enables people to build their own assessment by selecting questions from the ready made question bank. [Last checked: 43234]

KfH CPD TaF – Checklist for Commissioning Training and Development, Final Copy

This is checklist to help with commissioning training and development [Last checked: 43234]


Project Management Institute, UK Chapter

PMI UK is a professional project management membership organisation in the UK, and holds daytime and evening events at many cities throughout the UK . [Last checked: 43234]


PRINCE2 provides guidance that gives individuals and organizations the essentials of running a project. PRINCE2 is easy to learn and a flexible method that can adapt to all types of project. [Last checked: 43234]

NHS Scotland Quality Improvement Hub: Project Management

Robust portfolio, programme and project management, in combination with quality improvement tools, expertise and resources, are essential to the delivery of successful quality and efficiency programmes. Part of the 2020 Framework for Quality, Efficiency and Value from NHS Scotland [Last checked: 43234]

Skills Development Network

Operates across NHS organisations in England. Its remit is to provide the infrastructure for improving leadership and professional development skills, raising standards and sharing best practice through economy-wide learning.  [Last checked: 43205]