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Thinking Differently Programme

The HEE Everyday Innovation Programme is a practical, introductory guide to Thinking Differently. It is hoped it will help you begin your journey about thinking differently about the everyday challenges you may face at work, consider the processes you currently follow and become more imaginative and responsive in your approach. [Last checked: 13/5/20]

Publications and Reports

The Health Foundation

Useful publications and resources on quality improvement. [Last checked: 13/5/20]

The Kings Fund

Work from The King’s Fund on work on systematic approaches to improving the safety, experience and effectiveness of care. [Last checked: 13/5/20]

Quality Improvement Made Simple

Report from The Health Foundation providing an overview of organisational or industrial approaches to quality improvement. It is written for a general healthcare audience and will be most useful for those new to the field of quality improvement, or those wanting to be reminded of the key points. [Last checked: 13/5/20]

Subject Guides and Searches

NHS Improvement

Results from a search on NHS Improvement for resources linked to quality improvement. [Last checked: 13/5/20]

Quality Improvement Subject Guide

This subject guide, from Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust, highlights resources related to quality improvement. Specific topics include change management, lean and innovation. [Last checked: 13/5/20]


The Change Model

The Change Model is a framework from NHS England for any project or programme that is seeking to achieve transformational, sustainable change. [Last checked: 13/5/20]

Going Lean in the NHS

An introductory guide for healthcare organisations showing how lean thinking will enable the NHS to get more out of the same resources. [Last checked: 13/5/20]

The Handbook of Quality and Service Improvement Tools

The Handbook of Quality and Service Improvement Tools, produced by NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement, brings together into a single resource 75 proven tools, theories and techniques for quality and service improvement. [Last checked: 13/5/20]

Health Quality Improvement Partnership

The guide brings together twelve quality improvement (QI) methods, providing an overview of each and practical advice on how and when to implement them, with illustrative case examples. QI methods covered include clinical audit; Plan, Do, Study, Act; model for improvement; LEAN/Six Sigma; performance benchmarking, process mapping and statistical process control and it is aimed at all professionals with an interest in QI. [Last checked: 13/5/20]

Making Data Count – Plot the Dots

An interactive guide for people responsible for analysing, interpreting and presenting data to others and decision-makers who need data to answer questions. It describes why you should be presenting and using data more effectively and how to do it. [Last checked: 13/5/20]

Quality, Service Improvement and Redesign (QSIR) Tools

Provided by NHS Improvement this is a comprehensive collection of proven quality, service improvement and redesign tools, theories and techniques that can be applied to a wide variety of situations. [Last checked: 13/5/20]

Thinking Differently Tools

A practical, introductory guide to thinking differently. It is not a comprehensive blueprint nor is it designed to make you an expert in thinking. But it will get you started on a journey of thinking differently, and therefore doing things differently, that we hope continues well into your future. [Last checked: 09/08/19]


An Illustrated Look at Quality Improvement in Health Care

IHI collaborated with Dr. Mike Evans, Associate Professor of Family Medicine and Public Health at the University of Toronto, to create a dynamic, animated whiteboard video that introduces the concepts of quality improvement in health care. [Last checked: 13/5/20]


Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI)

US site which aims to help you with your improvement efforts, IHI offers free tools, change ideas, measures to guide improvement, IHI White Papers, audio and video, improvement stories, and more. [Last checked: 13/5/20]

Quality Improvement Zone

The Quality Improvement Zone, from NHS Scotland, provides information and resources to support people with experience at all levels of quality improvement to develop their knowledge. [Last checked: 13/5/20]

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