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8 Tips for Teaching Library Sessions Online

Tips from Ned Potter for retooling your sessions to work in a webinar type environment. [Last checked: 30/10/20]


Petty, G. (2014) Teaching Today: A practical guide (5th ed.), Oxford University Press

A comprehensive and readable introduction to teaching. Focusing on practical methods, techniques and strategies, it has been one of the best-selling books on teaching for the last 20 years. [Last checked: 30/10/20]

Race, P. (2014) Making Learning Happen: A guide for post-compulsory education (3rd ed.), Sage

This accessible discussion of post-compulsory education identifies the fundamental factors underpinning successful learning and clearly shows you how to help students learn effectively. [Last checked: 30/10/20]


Clinical Librarians and Information Skills Trainers Group (London Links)

Welcome to the Clinical Librarians and Information Skills Trainers (CLIST) area of the website. CLIST is a group formed by NHS clinical librarians and information skills trainers working across the London region.  [Last checked: 30/10/20]

LIHNN Clinical Librarians and Trainers

The purpose of the group is to share ideas and best practice to establish common standards and a co-ordinated approach to the delivery of clinical librarianship services and the provision of LKS skills training across the North West. Membership of the group and email list is open to all clinical librarians and LKS skills trainers employed in the North West, and any interested librarians whose role involves the delivery of clinical librarianship or training services. [Last checked: 30/10/20]