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CILIP Copyright Conference – Blogs and Resources

A list of resources on the CILIP website. [Last checked: 30/3/20]

Copyright Policies (Naomi Korn)

Copyright expert Naomi Korn has to put together some key thoughts based on her experiences over the years of drafting organisational copyright and IP policies for a variety of clients, including museums, libraries, NGO’s, Universities etc. [Last checked: 30/3/20]


Cornish, G. (2019) Copyright – Interpreting the Law for Libraries, Archives and Information services (Revised 6th ed), Facet Publishing 

The book explains the provisions of the UK Copyright Act and supporting legislation in quick and easy question-and-answer form. [Last checked: 30/3/20]


2040 Training

Courses on Data Protection, FOI and Information Rights law [Last checked: 30/3/20]

The Copyright Circle

The Copyright Circle can provide you with access to considerable experience in copyright matters of all kinds, gained over the last 19 years. The owner, Graham Cornish, has a world-wide reputation in copyright matters, has written books and journal articles on the subject and presented papers at numerous conferences. [Last checked: 30/3/20]


Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988

Full text of the main legislation relating to copyright, designs and patents in the UK. [Last checked: 30/3/20]

Copyright User is an independent online resource to help creators and users understand their rights. [Last checked: 30/3/20]

Data Protection Act

UK Government website briefly explaining the Data Protection Act with a link to the act itself. [Last checked: 30/3/20]

Guide to Freedom of Information

This guide is for those who work for a public authority and have day-to-day responsibility for freedom of information.It explains how to apply the Act by giving practical examples and answering frequently asked questions. [Last checked: 30/3/20]

Guide to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The Guide to the GDPR explains the provisions of the GDPR to help organisations comply with its requirements. It is for those who have day-to-day responsibility for data protection.  [Last checked: 30/3/20]

Licence for the NHS in England (Copyright Licensing Agency)

Information and publicity for the licence for NHS England produced by the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA). [Last checked: 30/3/20]

NHS Copyright: Information and Guidance for Health Librarians

This guidance for library staff summarises the key points of the CLA Licence and Library Privilege in relation to supplying copies to service users and other libraries. It includes FAQs and external links. [Last checked: 30/3/20]

NICE Framework Agreement Code

NICE Electronic and Print Content Framework Agreement for purchasing books journals and databases. [Last checked: 30/3/20]