Understanding Open Access

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Sewell, C. (2019) The No-nonsense Guide to Research Support and Scholarly Communication, Facet Publishing  

An introductory practical guide to supporting research.  How-to sections, checklists and case studies around a range of research functions including  open access are included. [Last checked: 28/7/20]


#uklibchat archive on Open Access (2013)

Archive from a Twitter chat discussion held in 2013 discussing definitions and barriers to open access.  In addition to the chat transcript there are links to additional documents. [Last checked: 28/7/20]


United Kingdom Council of Research Repositories (UKCoRR)

The professional organisation for UK open access repository administrators and managers.  The website contains links to various documents relating to open access and research repositories and a blog maintained by members. [Last checked: 28/7/20]


An Introduction to Open Access

Introductory material including a video from JISC. [Last checked: 28/7/20]

Guide to Open Access for Allied Health Professionals

“This guide to Open Access publishing is for you if you are to new to publishing or an early career researcher thinking of an Open Access route for your research.” A comprehensive guide produced by the Library and Knowledge Service for NHS Ambulance Services in England. [Last checked: 28/7/20]

Guide to Open Access Journals

This guide looks at some of the most reputable open-access journal websites, as well as paid subscription databases that are still widely used by traditional college students. [Last checked: 28/7/20]


Finch, J et al. (2012) Accessibility, sustainability, excellence: how to expand access to research publications. Report of the Working Group on Expanding Access to Published Research Findings. 

The Finch Report examined how to achieve better, faster access to research publications for anyone who wants to read or use them.  It concluded that open access is the best way to expand access to published research findings.  The UK government accepted the Finch Report’s findings and agreed that all publicly-funded research in the UK would be available on open access from 2014. [Last checked: 28/7/20]