LQAF 2018

As we move towards the new year, colleagues providing library and knowledge services to the NHS will be interested to know plans for library quality processes in 2018.

The five core criteria approach taken during 2017 has worked well and Library and Knowledge Service Leads have approved a similar process for 2018 with a change to one of the five core areas.

Criterion 1.1a replaces 1.1c for 2018 meaning the 5 criteria will be:

1.1a There is a designated board member accountable for the library/knowledge service with a clear two-way communication process with the library/knowledge service manager
1.3c The positive impact of LKS can be demonstrated.
5.3h LKS support clinical and management decision making.
5.3l LKS are developed to support information provision for patients and/or the public
5.4a Members of the LKS team are actively involved in the creation, capture, sharing, utilisation, or reuse of knowledge in the organisation served.

We are asking for self-assessment of your service’s compliance level along with evidence for these five criteria.

For other criteria where no change in compliance level has occurred we will ask you to self-assess and provide a statement of “No change from 2017”.  We will only need to see evidence if you are noting a change in the compliance levels recorded for your service in 2017.

The existing library services LQAF webpage has been updated with these details along with the SAT and guidance documents

Plans for assuring the quality of library and knowledge services in 2018

We anticipate being able to pilot the new Library Quality Process during 2018.  Any service which, in agreement with the local HEE Library and Knowledge Service Lead, volunteers to pilot the new process will be exempt from completing the LQAF submission in 2018 and will retain their 2017 LQAF rating during 2018. More details relating to this will follow in due course.

Dominic Gilroy
NHS Library and Knowledge Service Development Manager – Yorkshire and the Humber
LQAF Task and Finish Group Chair
E. dominic.gilroy1@nhs.net

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