National Statistics Return Infographics

Every year HEE’s Library Leads gather information from NHS funded Library and Knowledge Services in the regular statistics returns.  This information is vital to many of our decisions, strategies, and actions but the data itself is often hidden from sight.

This year we have developed a series of Infographics to share back with you some of the findings of the latest staffing and activity returns.  We hope that you find these interesting and useful.

Please click on the links to download Infographics in PDF format

3 thoughts on “National Statistics Return Infographics

  1. Registered users by staff group and Percentage of potential users
    registered to use services – is this registered on library systems rather than registered for OpenAthens?

    1. Hi Sarah

      These figures are taken from the National Activity Statistics from NHS LKS
      The guidance provided for this section states:
      “It is currently down to your discretion how you define what as “user” is. Traditionally this has been those registered on the LMS to borrow stock but this excludes a wide range of users who may access CAS, ILDS, user education etc. without ever borrowing an item from stock.”

      1. Thanks Dom. Seeing it presented like this makes me consider if we should be submitting OpenAthens registrations in future. Will mull it over 🙂

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