NHS Library and Knowledge Services in England Policy

The NHS library and knowledge services in England Policy was approved by the Health  Education England Executive on the 29th November 2016. The policy sets out for the first time our approach to delivering on the key objective of enabling access to knowledge and evidence for healthcare decision makers.

The policy states that Health Education England is committed to:

  • Enabling all NHS workforce members to freely access library and knowledge services so that they can use the right knowledge and evidence to achieve excellent healthcare and health improvement.
  • Developing NHS librarians and knowledge specialists to use their expertise to mobilise evidence obtained from research and organisational knowledge to underpin decision-making in the National Health Service in England
  • Developing NHS library and knowledge services into a coherent national service that is proactive and focussed on the knowledge needs of the NHS and its workforce

View the full policy statement here

To realise these aims, and to more strongly profile the positive impact of NHS librarians and knowledge specialists, the HEE Executive have wholeheartedly endorsed our joint campaign with CILIP, #AMillionDecisions. Under the Health and Social Care Act, 2012 there is a duty on behalf of the Secretary of State for Health to ensure “the use in the health service of evidence obtained from research”. This campaign will encourage key decision-makers in the health service to meet their obligation under the Act by utilising the expertise of health library and knowledge specialists.

Look for more information about #AMillionDecisions, due to launch in late January 2017. Updates will be published on both the HEE website and at www.cilip.org.uk/amilliondecisions   where further guidance will be available outlining how you can become actively involved.

2017 will be an exciting time for NHS library and knowledge services as we further progress the implementation of Knowledge for Healthcare and advocate for the expertise of the health library and knowledge workforce to be optimised.

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