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Helping healthcare staff to provide high quality patient information

Each NHS Organisation has a different staff structure and therefore different people who are responsible for provision of patient information so you may need to investigate locally to ascertain where your service can have most impact on patient care.

**NEW** The NHS England Information Standard (TIS) is a highly regarded certification scheme for  health and social care information. These principles reflect the best practice in information provision, even if the organisation is not applying for TIS. This Guide to The Information Standard identifies a series of case studies where library and knowledge service staff are using their skills and services to further the standards of health information in their organisation.

Idea Guidance Links to relevant websites, Innovation awards, examples etc.
Be pro-active in engaging with other information providers in your Trust Actively seek links and offer your services to in-house patient information providers, Patient Info Centre, PALS, Comms, Health Promotion, website editors, Occupational Health, Play therapists etc to explore widening your presence within the trust. Encourage evidence-base support for information given to the public, offer editorial support, literature searching, cataloguing etc.

Support Trust’s application for the Information Standard

Raise awareness of the Accessibility Information Standard; ensure you know your organisation’s policy and where to go for information in different formats

Innovation Award 10





Information Standard


Accessibility Information Standard

Offer work experience Be open to opportunities for apprenticeships or work placements for people returning to work after mental health issues Innovation Award 8
Revisit previously closed doors In some trusts, the separate Patient Information Centre has dwindled, so there may be a case for the library to fill this gap in service now, which wasn’t required previously.
Partnership with other sectors Health librarians have skills that are highly valued by voluntary sector organisations. Offer editorial support, literature searching, cataloguing, training etc. HLG Presentation
Information Prescriptions Target specific outpatient clinics eg: COPD or IBD with signposting information, support groups etc. There are examples of information request forms used in outpatient clinics – the information is either sent or given at the next outpatient appointment. Innovation Award 9

Innovation Award 13

Innovation Award 15

Innovation Award 23

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NHS Choices Information Prescriptions

Self management support Liaise with a department (eg: Cardiology) and offer information upon discharge from hospital to aid recovery at home.

Arrange for support group meetings at local public library or out of hours at the Trust to support patients with long term conditions.

Providing information for cancer patients on the Survivorship Programme.

Help local support group with information for their website.

Innovation Award 11

Innovation Award 12

Innovation Award 16

Innovation Award 20

Innovation Award 26

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Patient stories Assist collation and cataloguing of patient stories to help others Innovation Award 18
Promote safe use of internet information Develop a document of safe internet use for health information, see example Finding good quality health information on the internet
Cataloguing of patient information resources Some departments have their own patient information resources. Librarians could add these to their catalogue, making them widely available across trusts that share access to the catalogue
Patient information leaflet provision Proof-read, ensure correct formatting, evidence-based and publish to the relevant sites, maintaining version control and relevant categories, key-words etc.
Support services Some departments may benefit from a list of local and/or national support groups/services to give to patients and carers
Support awareness campaigns Have an area where you can promote a particular relevant topic – your own book stock, support group information, patient information leaflets from national or local organisations Awareness Events Calendar