Walk-in access

Some patients and members of the public may visit the library with a reference they wish to follow up by using the library’s print stock.

For example:

“I saw an item in the Times quoting some research in the latest issue of the Lancet. Can I have a copy of the article?


My GP suggests I look at the book Fast Facts on Diabetes. Do you have a copy? I would like a copy of the chapter on…

Individual libraries may decide to charge for providing a printing, photocopying or scanning service.

  1. Start a Health Information section
    • Books, leaflets, posters and a computer available to search with/without guidance
  1. Accept referrals
    • Make your library open to individual referrals from other sector libraries
    • Other services will tell you that this does not result in floods of referrals!
  1. Stock Reading Well Books (used to be known as Books on Prescription) 
    • Stock the same Reading Well Books as your local public library
    • Promote these to staff for themselves or patients
    • Incorporate Reading Well Books within the Trust’s wider health and well-being agenda
    • The collection is also available for general borrowing