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Useful links for Public and Patient Information Providers 


·         Health Libraries 

·         Public Libraries 

·         Health Literacy 

·         Quality of Information 

·         Other Useful Links 

·         Discussion Lists 

·         Quality Health Information Resources for the Public 

Health Libraries

Public Libraries

Health Literacy

Quality of Information

  • The Information Standarda certification programme for all organisations producing evidence-based health and care information for the public.
  • Accessible Information Standard – briefing for health librarians and knowledge service managers and includes a Resources page with useful training resources etc.
  • Making the Case for Information – PIF’s report on the evidence for investing in high quality health information for patients and the public 
  • DISCERN – a brief questionnaire which provides users with a valid and reliable way of assessing the quality of written information on treatment choices for a health problem.

Other Useful Links

Discussion lists / Social media

  • HP-Resources – Discussion List for Health Promotion Libraries and Resource Services – This list is for staff from NHS Health Promotion Library and Resource Centres to share information, good practice and the availability of new resources, and to collaborate with colleagues locally and nationally.
  • LIS-PUBLICHEALTH – a new discussion list for UK knowledge, library and information professionals working in Public Health; to enable members to share knowledge, learning and experience
  • Bibliotherapy Discussion Group– A mailing list for anyone interested in the links between reading fiction and non-fiction and health. Bibliotherapy, including Books on Prescription, reading groups, self-help etc.
  • CHAIN – Contact, Help, Advice and Information Network – is an online international network for people working in health and social care. For more information on CHAIN and joining the network please visit website.
  • Health Information Newsletters (monthly) – aimed at staff who provide health information to the public
  • Twitter – Follow the Patients & Public Information Group for KfH on Twitter – @K4H_PPI or follow #HEELKS thread for all discussions around HEE Library Knowledge Services.

Quality Health Information Resources for the Public

Your Trust may have a list of patient information leaflets which should be used first. Here is a list of recommended websites for signposting members of the public to:

  • NHS.UK – (the NHS website, formerly known as NHS Choices)– This site is committed to providing trustworthy information and guidance on all aspects of health and healthcare. The NHS website ensures its content is evidence-based and includes the best scientific knowledge available. Includes health, well-being and social care information and local services and support.  See guidance on searching.
  • PatientA trusted source of information for both patients and health professionals nationwide. The site contains over 4000 health information leaflets, a wellbeing centre, a free health check and discussion forums.
  • Information Standard members – All organisations on this list have been accredited by the Information Standard for producing evidence-based health and care information for the public.
  • healthtalk.orgFind information and support for a range of health issues from seeing and hearing people’s real life experiences. Thousands of people have shared their experiences on film to help you understand what it’s really like to have a health condition such as breast cancer or arthritis.
  • Easy Health – health information in easy read and other accessible formats
  • Contact a Family – Information and support on many rare disorders written by doctors.
  • UpToDate – Free public access to Beyond the Basics patient information articles written and reviewed by medical professionals.
  • – To find government services and information including benefits, council services, policies, employment etc. 
  • Lab Tests Online – Information to help patients understand the many clinical laboratory tests that are used in diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of disease. 
  • Health Tools – NHS Choices has a selection of health apps, podcasts etc. and Channel 4 has some Health Checks online tests

 List of open access websites for anyone wanting more detailed information