Calculating and demonstrating LKS value

About the course 

  • This course was commissioned in 2012.  It was led by Sandra Ward of Beaworthy Consulting and Ian Wooler formerly of IDW Consultancy.  
  • The content has been retained as it has useful exercises and information to complement the Value and Impact Toolkit. 
  • If you use any of the materials please make sure Sandra and Ian are are acknowledged as appropriate. 

Learning objectives: 

  • Understand why calculating and demonstrating value is  important to Library Services in today’s NHS. 
  • Explore the measures and practical approaches for assessing and expressing financial and non-financial value, and which will work in the NHS
  • Identify ways in which information gathered via NHS costing techniques and impact toolkits can be used in powerful value statements for key stakeholders.
  • Reflect on learning and consider actions to take forward with your organisation 


These have been included so you can do the exercises yourself and compare your results with those from the four courses if you wish. 

 Outputs from the four courses 

Each of the slide decks contains: 

  • Pre-course survey results 
  • Outputs from the four exercises and discussions 
  • Summary discussion on what was learnt 

Slide deck from BirminghamLondon and York 

Slide deck from Bristol 

These slide decks may not be accessible.  Please contact if you require any of the documents in an accessible format.

The glossary and short bibliography contains terms and definitions and some further reading up to 2011