Statistics Toolbox

What is the statistics toolbox?

This toolbox has been created to make it easier for you to get the most out of the data you collect.

It has been developed together with a recommended supplementary dataset to help you :

  •  collect local staffing, financial and activity data
  • make effective use of this for service improvement and reporting to stakeholders

Why do you need the toolbox?

Do you wonder:

  • if there was more you could do with your annual statistics returns?
  • that ​you should be collecting something different?  ​
  • how to present statistics to make them work for your service?  ​

If you do, the Toolbox can help.

What is in the Toolbox?

We’ve done extensive research into:

  • what you collect
  • issues with collecting and using data
  • how statistics have been used

These Toolbox sections were created from the results of this research: 

  • Supplementary Dataset:  additional data that may be useful to collect 
  • Case Studies: a metric to help you produce case studies to show how local or national statistics have made a difference
  • Infographics: how to display your data visually, with 3 tools and further reading
  • Dashboards: examples of performance dashboards from health library and knowledge services 
  • Dashboard Templates: examples of templates 
  • Frequently Asked Questions: about statistics, their collection, Excel training and tools 

Please send feedback and comments to Heather Steele ( 

Further Information