Case studies

Use the template to frame case studies on how local or national statistics have made a difference.

The statistics champions have devised these additional questions to ask yourself for each heading in the Quality Metrics template.

Metric Definition

  • Use this field to give your case study a defined title
  • Include the type of metric you used in your case study

Why is it important?  

  • What  were you aiming to find out from gathering and analysing the statistics? 

Process for compiling the Metric 

  • Make sure appropriate detailed information is provided for your case study
  • Is there enough information for another service to replicate your case study in principle? 

What does it mean? 

  • What was the impact achieved?
  • How did you interpret and analyse the data?
  • Were any tools used to support the process?  
  • What was the value of using the statistics? 

Desired outcomes 

  • Were the metrics compared with the previous equivalent period/regional or national equivalent data sources? 

Improvement plans 

  • How frequently will you review/revisit?/
  • What are the lessons learnt from the process?