Quality and Improvement Outcomes Framework- Documentation

Quality and Improvement Outcomes Framework 2019 

Full details of the outcomes, the levels and indicators to determine the levels.  Designed to be used in the self-evaluation process. 

Quality and Improvement Outcomes Framework 2019 Overview 

A short version of the Framework giving details of the six outcomes.  Includes their scope, key questions to ask and why each outcome is important. 

Templates for use during self-evaluation 

Note:  The deadline for submissions has been delayed until September 2021 due to the pandemic.  Any remaining documentation referring to earlier dates should be read with this in mind.

Self-evaluation and evidence report template – REQUIRED 

MS Word document must be completed and submitted to HEE.

It contains a table for each outcome.  Requires a narrative and associated evidence. Key strengths and areas of good practice may be highlighted. 

Pen Portrait Template – REQUIRED 

Template updated (November 20) to include pandemic prompts.  MS Word document for a summary of the service including: organisations are served; LKS staffing data; embedded copies of the strategy, annual report and service level agreements. 

Self-evaluated and validated levels report template – REQUIRED 

Excel file for recording the level and sublevel for each Outcome by the self-evaluator and the validator. 

The data generates a spider/radar chart showing the self-evaluated and validated levels. 

Improvement Planning Worksheet – Optional 

A tool to help plan and prioritise service improvements. Use of this tool is optional and may be replaced with a local alternative template. 

 Action Plan –REQUIRED 

MS Word document.  Provides a structure and reminders of things to consider when developing a plan to improve the LKS. 

Introductory presentations on the Outcomes Framework 

Introductory Presentations and Video Podcast Guides to each of the Outcomes 

Resources to help LKS specialists understand the new tools and prepare them for carrying out a self-evaluation using the Outcomes Framework. 

Includes slides and scripts for each outcome.  There are also some guest presentations from subject matter specialists. 

Guidance documents 

Timeline for the baseline self-evaluation process 

Details the period of self-evaluation covers, the return deadline and when validation will occur. 

Self-Evaluation and Validation Process Flowchart 

Diagram shows the timeline for completing the self-evaluation, validation by HEE and reporting to NHS organisations. 

Quality and Improvement Outcomes Framework Handbook 

Appendix: Additional Guidance for evidence 2020-21 and COVID-19 

For those carrying out the Outcomes self-evaluation.


  • Planning and preparing
  • Evaluating current practice
  • Gathering evidence and identifying service improvements
  • Guidance on what validators look for

Outcomes are explained in detail with suggested evidence examples for each Outcome. The Appendices show the various templates to be used. 

Quality and Improvement Outcomes Framework Glossary v3

Covers terms used in the Quality and Improvement Outcomes Framework for NHS Funded Library and Knowledge Services: Handbook for baseline self-evaluation. 

Designed to encourage consistent interpretation and clarify requirements of the Outcomes Framework.

Quality and Improvement Outcomes Framework FAQ 

Replies to questions asked by LKS specialists.