Quality and Improvement Outcomes Framework Webinars

In the table below we have provided links to a series of resources aimed at assisting LKS colleagues in understanding and preparing for the Outcomes Framework and self evaluation process.

We have provided an audiovisual recording for each of the Outcomes, together with a basic Powerpoint slides version for use in cases where IT settings prevent access to the MP4 files. There is a transcript of the webinar intended to assist colleagues with hearing difficulties. Finally the guest presentation section contains additional throughts and reflections from subject matter experts which may be helpful in approaching the Outcomes.

Webinars Transcript Guest Presentations
Introduction to the Outcomes Framework
(Slides only version)
Outcome 1
(Slides only version)
Script Donald MacKay (Audio)
Outcome 2
(Slides only version)
Script Ruth Carlyle
Louise Goswami & Alison Day
Outcome 3
(Slides only version)
Script Natalie Parsley
Morag Evans
Outcome 4
(Slides only version)
Script David Stewart
Suzanne Wilson
Outcome 5
(Slides only version)
Outcome 6
(Slides only version)
Script Stephen Ayre
Susan Smith

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