Quality and Improvement Outcomes Framework Webinars

Resources to assist the understanding of the Outcomes Framework and to prepare for the self evaluation process:

  • audio-visual recording for each Outcome
  • PowerPoint slides for use when IT issues make the MP4 webinars inaccessible
  • transcript of the webinar
  • guest presentations from subject matter experts
Webinars Transcript Guest Presentations
Reflective Practice – Guidance webinar to help you complete the self assessment Script Webinar by Tracey Pratchett
Introduction to the Outcomes Framework
(Slides only version)
Outcome 1
(Slides only version)
Script Donald MacKay (Audio)
Outcome 2
(Slides only version)
Script Ruth Carlyle
Louise Goswami & Alison Day
Outcome 3
(Slides only version)
Script Natalie Parsley
Morag Evans
Outcome 4
(Slides only version)
Script David Stewart
Suzanne Wilson
Outcome 5
(Slides only version)
Outcome 6
(Slides only version)
Script Stephen Ayre
Susan Smith

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