Resource Discovery

About the Resource Discovery Workstream 

A team of HEE Library staff oversees this workstream: 

Helen Bingham, Head of Knowledge Services (South) 

Lucy Reid, Deputy Head of Library and Knowledge Services (London and Kent, Surrey and Sussex) 

Richard Bridgen, Library and Knowledge Services Development Manager (Midlands and East) 

Jenny Toller, Library and Knowledge Services Development Manager  (South) 

Helene Gorring, Library and Knowledge Services Development Manager (London, Kent, Surrey & Sussex) 

Becky Williams, Library and Knowledge Services Development Manager (North) 

Importantly, many health librarians across both the NHS and HEIs in England have contributed significantly to a number of pieces of work in this area.   

We want to make sure that national decisions about systems, e-resource purchasing and management are informed as much as possible by the knowledge and skills of library staff, so please do contact your regional lead, above, or go to ‘How can I get involved?’ 

 Overall aim 

One of the key ways to drive delivery of the Knowledge for Healthcare vision is by ensuring that NHS staff have quick and easy access to relevant digital knowledge and evidence resources at the point of need, whilst also seeking to minimise the time library staff spend managing resources and system. This is the focus of the Resource Discovery work stream.   

The HEE Resource Discovery workstream leads have developed a plan of work to take forward these recommendations. See our ‘Driver Diagram’ and infographic. 

Workstream elements 

  1. Content procurement
  2. Expert searching
  3. Discovery and delivery infrastructure
  4. Essential Sites Update
  5. OpenAthens and the national link resolver and knowledge base
  6. Interlending and document supply (ILDS)
  7. Copyright
  8. Open access and repositories
  9. HLISD
  10. Websites for library staff
  11. Search skills training 
  12. Resource Discovery Groups

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