Content and Procurement

National Core Content
  • National Core Content is funded by HEE.
  • HEE use the selection criteria in HEE’s Digital Content Procurement Strategy to guide their decisions about the resources to purchase.
  • Decisions are were also informed by our audits of local investment in e-resources.
  • HEE staff and Trust-based librarians are involved in testing, evaluation, and selection.
  • The National Core Content Collection for 2019-2022 comprises a range of electronic databases, electronic journals, and point of care tool.  These may be accessed from NICE Evidence Journals and Databases.
  • Use the comparison spreadsheet for the main e-journal collections to aid your decision making.
  • See NICE’s community for LKS staff or contact for help in accessing resources


NICE Electronic and Print Content Framework Agreement

NHS and other health and social care related organisations may use this Framework to buy:

  • Electronic journals and books
  • Bibliographic and full text databases
  • Aggregated Evidence Resource Summaries
  • Print books and journals

See the provider grid for a list of appointed suppliers of these resources, and the Framework for more information

Why use the Framework? – Save time and effort.  Get value for money.  Make informed purchasing decisions.


Partnership working between HEE and NICE

  • HEE commissions NICE to procure and manage National Core Content resources for the NHS in England, and the Electronic and Print Content Framework Agreement.
  • NICE and HEE jointly fund, provide and manage components of the national discovery infrastructure.
  • A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) describes the respective responsibilities of the two organisations.  It includes Key Performance Indicators.  MoU monitoring meetings are held every quarter.

Resource Discovery Reference Group

  • The HEE Resource Discovery Team take advice from a wider reference group, whose membership includes NHS librarians, an HEI librarian, and colleagues from NICE.


Accessing and understanding e-resource statistics


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