Inter-lending and document supply (ILDS)

As the Knowledge for Healthcare Task & Finish Group on Streamlining Document Delivery identified, there are many challenges associated with simplifying, unifying and improving the efficiency of inter-lending and document supply systems and processes across NHS-funded LKS in England.   

Progress is being made.  The Inter-Network Collaboration (INC) scheme has been established to support reciprocal sharing across the six geography-based ILDS networks in the NHS: EDEN (East of England), KSS (Kent, Surrey & Sussex), LENDS Network (London & East), PANDDA (North), SWIMS Network (South), and WMIDS (West Midlands). The Strategic Inter-Network Collaboration (SINC) Group oversees the operation and strategic development of the INC scheme. The group has developed a national protocol for ILDS and is investigating options for further streamlining of ILDS sourcing and supply as part of the proposed national discovery system. 

For more information, please contact your network representative on SINC, or the chair Jenny Toller.