OpenAthens and the national link resolver

Training and support OpenAthens regional statistics Administrator rights Future developments

OpenAthens and the Ovid Discovery Service Link Resolver ensure that users have access to the content they are authorised to use.  See Discovery Infrastructure for more information.

There are local, regional, and national administrators.  The regional and national administrators are:

London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex [OpenAthens and Link Resolver] Jenny Turner and team
Midlands and East [OpenAthens and Link Resolver Emma Young and team
North [OpenAthens] Michelle Dutton
North [Link Resolver] Andrew Craig
South [OpenAthens] – South West Catherine Micklethwaite and team
South [OpenAthens] – Thames Valley and Wessex Angela Page and team
South [Link Resolver] Angela Page
National Administrator Fran Wilkie and team

Local administrators  with OpenAthens or Link Resolver problems should report them to their regional OpenAthens and Link Resolver administrator(s).

Authentication and the national Link Resolver are managed by the National Authentication and Link Resolver Operational Management [NALROM] Group.

Training and Support
OpenAthens Regional Statistics

The reports for each region: LKSSMidlands and EastNorth | South

The OpenAthens reports comprise:

  1. Account totals for each OpenAthens organisation
  2. Account totals for each OpenAthens organisation as a % of organisational headcount*
  3. Unique successful account authentications for each OpenAthens organisation
  4. % of accounts being used (unique successful logins / total number of accounts x 100)

*Note that trust headcounts are taken from NHS Digital workforce data for January each year. They will not include students on placement within trusts and may not account for changes or mergers that may have taken place during the year.

You may need to click ‘Enable Editing’ in order to view the charts in full.

To compare your organisation with others:

  1. Go to the organisational pivot tables tab
  2. Pick the chart of interest
  3. Click on the grey ‘organisation’ tab
  4. Deselect all organisations and select the ones you are interested in

Note that you will need to ‘Unprotect’ the spreadsheet/allow editing to do this.

OpenAthens resource transfer data is not a reliable indicator and you should use supplier statistics instead.

How to request administrator rights


  1. Contact your regional OA administrator. You will be emailed a GDPR statement
  2. Send a reply to the email to stating that you understand and agree to use the data as set out in this statement.
  3. If you are the administrator for multiple organisations, you only need to reply once, indicating the organisations for which you are responsible.
  4. If you share administrator duties with anyone else, they must also follow steps 2-3.

Link Resolver

    1. Contact your regional lead (see above). Tell them whether you are an additional administrator for your organisation or replacing a previous administrator.
    2. The regional lead will confirm receipt of the request.
    3. Once you have received confirmation, go to and login with your personal OpenAthens account. You won’t be able to access the Admin area.
    4. Go to My Profile. Your name and email address will have been anonymised. Overtype with your name and email address. Click Save.
    5. Contact your regional lead when you have done this, stating the OpenAthens org name(s) and OpenAthens org ID(s) of the organisation(s) you will be administering. You may find these details by searching this list.
    6. Your regional lead will forward these details to Fran Wilkie at NICE who will activate Administrator rights for you. She will email to confirm when this is done.

Future developments
  • Complex sign-on procedures are a significant barrier for users.
  • HEE is looking at what future models for authentication and single sign on might look like.
  • For more information, please contact: Lucy Reid.


[Page last updated: 8 October 2020]