OpenAthens and the national link resolver and knowledge base

We currently use OpenAthens, provided by Eduserv and funded by NICE, for authentication, and the  Ovid Discovery Service Link Resolver and Knowledge Base, provided by Wolters Kluwer and jointly funded by HEE and NICE, to maintain a knowledge base of national and local collections and links to full-text. These two systems work together to underpin discovery of purchased and other content, ensuring that users can access content which they are entitled to.   

A group called NALROM, the National Authentication and Link Resolver Operational Management Group, holds regular meetings between Eduserv for OpenAthens and Wolters Kluwer for Link Resolver, NICE, Regional NHS Administrators, representatives from Higher Education, and representatives from HEE, to discuss operational issues with the two systems and consider improvements.  

For more information about NALROM, contact your regional OpenAthens or link resolver lead, or Jenny Toller, Chair of NALROM. 

Complex sign-on procedures are a significant barrier for users who often already have a plethora of accounts and password in their professional lives. On a strategic level, we are looking at what future models for authentication and single sign on might look like. 

For more information, please contact: Lucy Reid.