Network overview

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It is important to have a good understanding of an LKS network to both inform and support development and to identify any arising problems/issues. 

What Could be Used?

Consider collecting data and evidence from the following sources to understand and provide an overview of the network

  •         Trusts and organisations
  •         Services and Staffing
  •         Funding and funding streams
  •         LQAF assessments – compliancy, good practice and areas of weakness
  •         Impact, innovation and good practice
  •         Benchmarking both across the NHS and other sectors. SCONUL stats can be used to  benchmark against Higher Education

Case Studies and Examples

Annual report from Health Care Libraries North

Quarterly report to stakeholders from Health Care Libraries North, including a plan-on-a-page.

Here is the URL for the innovations database. It covers all good practice that is captured as part of our quality assurance processes across KSS LKS.

Information from Health Care Libraries Unit – North