Service Review and Development

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Undertaking a service review

When undertaking a review of the LKS you provide to your organisation(s) the following are examples of how these can be conducted.

In KSS, the following documentation was used in the service reviews:-

To be added, PP presentation by LG.

FINAL LKS Review Report.pdf

FINAL Facililtators Guide Focus Groups – causeway.doc

FINAL Facililtators Guide Focus Groups – worthing.doc

Library Review Questionnaire.doc

Semi Structured Interviews.docx


In TVW, a structured day was led by Sue Lacey Bryant with the LKS Lead in attendance with the LKS Manager.

A brief synopsis of the discussion between LKS Lead and SLB is outlined below along with an agenda of the day:-

Core points that the LKS Lead might draw on in relation to one service where library staffing is currently subject to damaging cuts. The service in question has an experienced manager, and the service offer includes several embedded posts.  Sketched out, below, are just the headlines discussed as relevant when speaking with line managers and senior stakeholders to whom the LKS Manager reports.

·         Evidence of the positive impact of LKS – on cost, clinical care, quality improvement, learning: preferably using a local story for each
·         The Library is fully aligned to HEE’s strategy for Knowledge for Healthcare
·         It is fully aligned with the future focus on clinical librarians
·         The library’s establishment is comparable to that of comparable hospital libraries
·         The Trust has made a commitment through the LDA

  • And has already made cost efficiency savings

In EoE, a structured day was led by Sue Lacey Bryant with the LKS Lead in attendance with the LKS Managers.

A brief synopsis and agenda for the day are given below:-

A service has been without a Library Manager band 7 post for 2 years and currently has vacancies and is under capacity. They are at breaking point, stretched to the limit and no one is taking their business case seriously or realising and acknowledging the great work they do.

LETB Lead worked with the LKS managers going through writing a business case aligned to the Trust objectives, following on from workshop run by Amanda Stearn, and discussed implications of Trust only agreeing to one Band 7 post. SLB then facilitated a workshop using the agenda attached.