Understanding your organisation

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In making the case it is important to have a detailed understanding of your organisation(s), this should include the strategic objectives and values and also the key issues and challenges.  It is important to demonstrate how the library service can meet and support delivery of these needs.

What Could be Used?

There will be a wealth of information that will provide insight into your organisation – consider keeping up to date with some of the following:

·         Strategic Objectives and Values

  •   Trust/Organisation Strategy
  •   Trust/Organisation Business Plan
  •   Trust/Organisation Value Statements
  •   Trust/Organisation Board Paper

·         Issues and Challenges

  •   Trust/Organisation Risk Register
  •   Trust/Organisation Newsletter
  •   Friends and Family Test Outcomes
  •   CQC Outcomes

Tools and Resources

The following tools and resources are useful in developing a picture of your organisation, the environment, opportunities and threats and key stakeholders and influencers.


A SWOT grid for libraries is available here.

See also


PESTLE worksheets are available here.

A readiness for change checklist is available here. This checklist and other useful resources are available from the Managing Change for Health Information Professionals (MCHIP) course materials website, mchip.pbworks.com

See also https://www.mindtools.com/ (registration required)

Stakeholder mapping



Things to consider

  • Relationships – identifying within the organisation those individuals or committees that can influence and make the decisions.
  • Where groups and committees report to in the organisation
  • The structure of your organisation
  • Identifying the stakeholders
  • Organisational culture
  • How communications work within the organisation e.g. use of social media
  • Opportunities as well as issues and challenges
  • How the organisation fits in within the local healthcare community (and possibly HE)
  • Alongside values maybe include standards and any mission/vision statements
  • Understanding of the organisation’s history / recent history
  • Understanding of the use of technology within the organisation
  • Knowledge of the financial position of the organisation


Top Tip

Shadow a Senior Manager(s) in your organisation 

Case Study

BSMHFTDefending your service + poster