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Case studies

Dorset  and hand-out and presentation

Nottingham recruitment to a vacant post
(Contacts: Maria Brown: maria.brown@nuh.nhs.uk & Nicola Smart: nicola.smart@nuh.nhs.uk)

Peterborough – Self-issue metrics



BSMHFTDefending your service + poster

Case Studies from Knowledge for Healthcare

Clinical Effectiveness & patient care

p11NHS and public library collaboration to provide information for patients and carers
p26 neonatal arterial thrombosis
p27 Is it safe for patients with intraocular gas tamponades to travel by air following vitreoretinal surgery?

Cost Benefit

p26 anticoagulation monitoring services
p27 Does the use of local anaesthesia in vitreoretinal surgery compromise the patient?
P28 evidence for procurement decisions


p27 Managing challenging viral retinitis and fungal endophthalmitis
p45 Worth every cent and more


p11 NHS and higher education collaboration to increase access to research journals
p22 KnowledgeShare
p24 Knowledge retention and transfer toolkit