Canva is a graphic design tool website aimed at all users with varying degrees of experience in creating infographics. It is simple to use with lots of features such as drag and drop.

Cost: There are various packages available. The free package gives limited storage and the ability to upload your own images.

Examples –

Natasha Craigs, Mid Yorks NHS, have created this useful guide with some examples A Guide to Canva

Tracy Owen, North West Boroughs Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust KLS survey 2018 infographic

Training and Support

Canva contains a ‘Learn’ section which even drills down to specialist support for the type of user (student, teacher etc). There are also general design tutorials:


De Ford, Katherin et al, (2017) Canva: a practical accessible design tool. Marketing Libraries Journal :

Blog Posts

University of Sussex –Technology Enhanced Learning Blog (2016) Introducing Canva: an accessible graphic design tool:

The Inspired Librarian (2016) Canva: An amazing time saving, free Poster/Infographic creator:

The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust Staff Library (2016) Using Canva because it’s: FREE and useful: