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Who’s afraid of the big bad app…….

Not library staff……they are extremely keen to learn about them, to learn how to exploit them, to support others in using them – this is just one of priorities identified from the training needs analysis survey by the National Training Programme (NTP) Task and Finish Group.

The purpose of the NTP group is to identify training needs to underpin the competencies required of library staff and also to identify priorities for their developmental needs.  The group has representation from professional and paraprofessional staff and from areas across the country.

There are two main objectives for the group.  The first is to develop a curriculum for a national training program which will equip staff with the competencies to meet their current roles and to develop their skills to meet the changing needs of the NHS.

Design and delivery of a biannual survey of development needs is the second main task of the group.  This survey will be used to retrospectively identify training priorities, as well as identifying the prospective training needs of NHS library staff.  These priorities will also be reflected in the national curriculum.

A training needs survey was conducted earlier this year and Apps were the most frequently requested development need identified by bands 3 & 4, bands 5 & 6  and were in the top 5 for bands 7 and upwards.  Clearly “Apps” are a priority but further work needs to be done to address what library staff want to know, the variation between regions and even Trusts, and how it should be delivered.

If only there was “an app for that”….

If you have any questions, comments or ideas, please contact us via the group chair, hugh.hanchard@stees.nhs.uk

Members of the group

Pauline Blagden, Katherine France, Hugh Hanchard (Chair), John Loy, Janet Sampson, Gail Samuel

Innovation at the frontline by Sue Lacey Bryant

Listening in on 90 people in the room at the Summer Conference of the East of England Health Libraries Network, focused on spreading innovation, there was a real buzz. With library assistants bringing their experience to the table, alongside librarians and knowledge specialists, as we discussed priorities for workforce development, there was a rich dialogue.

Indeed, we all know that the Frontline is key – and prize high standards of customer service. So, our focus is on shaping a national approach that addresses workforce development priorities for all NHS funded library and knowledge staff.

The Frontline is the Key

Our library and knowledge services aspire to ensuring that NHS bodies, their staff, learners, patients and the public use the right knowledge and evidence, at the right time, in the right place, enabling high quality decision-making, learning, research and innovation to achieve excellent healthcare and health improvement.

Listening to, and building on, the day to day experience of team members on the frontline will be crucial in planning and making changes to the way we work, in order to realise this vision.

We see exciting opportunities for all library and knowledge staff to innovate, enlarge and extend their roles. The ambition to up-skill our paraprofessional staff, expanding roles to take further responsibility in supervisory work, customer care and oversight of back-office functions, is absolutely explicit in Knowledge for Healthcare (page 39).

We also recognise that, as library and knowledge services are modernised, greater investment will be needed to support the development of first contact healthcare knowledge assistants. That’s staff in Bands 2-4 to you and me. (page 40)]

The best numbers we have are that there are 438 WTE paraprofessional staff working in NHS funded healthcare libraries in England, and that right now some 29% hold a vocational qualification. One of the things to explore is how we want to see that changing going forward?

Please look out for communications out through the LETB leads, as we look to recruit paraprofessional colleagues to join our work on the various Task and Finish groups focussed on workforce matters.

Sue Lacey Bryant
Senior Advisor, Knowledge for Healthcare, Health Education England

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