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New Year, no sweat!

As written in the previous blog by my colleague David in November, copyright can bring us all out in a “cold sweat”.

To help make copyright easier for us all, the copyright first responders group has updated the information available for all to use on the copyright page of the NHS Library and Knowledge Services webpage.


It describes what may be copied under the NHS CLA Licence Plus and the UK Copyright Act and is full of hints and tips and quick links to help you.’

We will be adding FAQs shortly:

  • copying from national core content
  • supplying to patients and public
  • sharing copies between the NHS and higher education

In the meantime, have a look at the website and “don’t sweat the small stuff”!

Contact your regional NHS copyright first responders

North – Susan Smith and David Watson

Midlands and East – David Law, Joan Lomas, Vanessa Ancliffe, Martin Elcock, Ian Rennie

London and South – Tricia Rey, Helen Williams, Helen Bingham, Sue Robertson

Post prepared by Sue Robertson

Copyright – no more cold sweats!

As part of our work on document supply, the Streamlining Task & Finish group identified uncertainty around copyright as one of the key impediments to efficient sharing of copies between NHS libraries and customer-focussed document supply services. In fact, changes to the 1988 Copyright, Designs and Patents Act in 2014, and the introduction of the CLA Licence Plus for the NHS in England in 2015, mean that relatively speaking, sharing and using copies across the wider NHS in England has never been easier!

However, the picture can still be complicated.

For example, although documents can be supplied electronically, can multiple copies be shared amongst NHS staff and is a copyright declaration required?

In other words when does the Act apply, when does the CLA Licence apply, where do publisher licences come into this?

What happens where the NHS interfaces with higher education, with local authorities and with members of the public? For the answers see the table at the end of this posting.

Members of the Streamlining Task & Finish group appreciate the complexities and understand that copyright conundrums can bring even experienced library staff out in a cold sweat!

To that end we underwent training on copyright issues and will be launching a new service to help NHS library staff deal with copyright issues.

We have established a team of ‘Copyright First Responders’ which includes NHS library staff from each region.  Our role will be to provide advice and answers where we can, and refer you to other experts if we can’t.

We will also maintain a central store of guidance and FAQs at http://www.libraryservices.nhs.uk/forlibrarystaff/information/nhs_copyright.html .

We have set up a single email address: nhscopyrightqueries@libraryservices.nhs.uk. So if you have a query about copyright, don’t break out into a cold sweat, contact us and we’ll respond!

David Watson, Learning Resources Adviser, Rodney Cove-Smith library, South Tees NHS Foundation Trust for Streamlining Task and Finish Group

Copying under the CLA Licence for the NHS in England and under UK Legislation: summary table
QueryCLA LicenceUK Legislation
Who may make/receive copies?All members of the NHS workforce, including primary care, public health, students on placement, and HEI providers of LKS to the NHSAnyone: under Copyright Law, individuals may make ‘fair dealing’ copies from copyright works
What may be copied?Copies may be made from anything owned by/subscribed to by the NHS and covered by the CLA LicenceFair dealing/library privilege copies may be made from any copyright work*
How much may be copied?Two articles from a journal issue, any number from a themed issue; one chapter or 5% of a bookA ‘reasonable’ proportion e.g. one article from a journal issue, one chapter from a book
How many copies may be made?Multiple copies, including copies of copiesOnly single copies
Any restrictions on the purpose for copying?Any NHS-related usePersonal/non-commercial research only
Are declarations required?NoYes (e-tick OK)
May we send copies electronically?YesYes
May we store copies?Yes on secure networks for access by colleaguesYes but for personal use only

“Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

This quote from the Jedi master Yoda in Star Wars sums up our approach to the streamlining document supply challenge ahead of us. The streamlining LKS functions task & finish group is looking at document supply; a project that has been tackled a number of times before and struggled to reach a consensus. So we have a difficult task ahead, how to recommend streamlining processes for the 21st Century, bearing in mind the vast array of practice that is currently adopted across the country. However, we are determined to succeed.

To date, we have been very busy and started to put the building blocks in place to underpin our work going forwards. We also have a couple of pilots running with the BL and Soutron that will feedback to us and there are a couple of areas of overlap with other task and finish groups, namely Core Offer and Discovery systems groups.

We will report on 2 key areas by the end of the month.

  • An analysis of our annual NHS library services statistics 2008-2014 and a quick drill down into last year’s stats for the regions. This was to identify national trends and to note if there were any regional variations, for example, the influence of NHS/HE provided services.
  • A review of all interlending and document supply schemes in operation across the country.

The statistical analysis has highlighted some inconsistencies in the way the statistics are completed and we will be making recommendations to the LKSL, as to how the quality of the returns can be improved.

Moving forwards, our energies will be focussed on:

  • Streamlining the process from a library point-of-view
  • Streamlining the process from a customer point-of-view
  • Creation of a union catalogue
  • Widening existing schemes
  • Software options
  • Copyright

If you have any questions, comments or ideas you please contact us via the group chair, sue.robertson@thamesvalley.hee.nhs.uk

Members of the group

Hugh Hanchard, David Law, Tricia Ellis, David Watson, Helen Williams, Sue Robertson (chair)

Previous members

Ian Wilkes, Angharad Rees.