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Keys to the Kingdom …

Have you ever struggled back to your car, through muddy puddles, having done the weekend shop, possibly with complaining offspring in tow, on a dark, miserably rainy evening at the end of a long week?

You need to shop, you have other things you would rather do, other places to be, none-the- less you have made the effort and feel pleased with your endeavours ….

… only … you can’t find the car keys!  The children are bickering, the frozen food is melting and maybe all that effort was for nothing?

OR, if you are an NHS library manager  –

You have purchased expensive e-resources, NICE have provided core content, your staff have found excellent free access sites – all so that you can offer the best and the brightest material to your readers in the NHS.  You have tried to create Wayfless links, RSS feeds and more and tied them all up with a bow on the latest web aggregator.  The web site re-sizes and is enabled to be read on book-readers, tablets, smart phones and the fridge door for all you know, all in an effort to provide your readership with a seamless route to the precious full-text so that they can study and bone up on patients and generally keep abreast of their areas of expertise.

They too, having been trained by you, have dutifully searched and clicked through multiple pages to get to the content

… only they can’t get to the final page, the place where the actual article is!!

Which is where the LKSL White List comes to your aid – in the best tradition of Green Flag, the AA and the RAC all rolled into one!

We can help you open the car door!

The LKSL White List is uploaded quarterly to the LKSL site.  It is accessible to non- library staff so you can send the link to your IT department responsible for the Trust firewalls as sites that should not be blocked. 

We are happy to consider adding URL/site addresses that are not on the list but you believe ought to be.  Please communicate with Linda Mace-Michalik (Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS FT) at linda.mace-michalik1@nhs.net