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New website to help you with Health Information Week

The evaluation of Health Information Week 2019 highlighted that people involved in #HIW2019 would have liked a central website with resources for those running events, and for patients and members of the public.

This year, with support from the Patient Information Forum, we have created a central website.

In response to your feedback, we commissioned a professionally designed logo and branding on the website. Please do copy the logo and use the colours in your local Health Information Week resources. We will be adding posters which you can adapt for local use soon.

The website focuses on the two themes for #HIW2020:

  • Finding information you can trust,


  • Physical and mental wellbeing.

These themes were adapted from the longer list originally published, to reflect the impact of covid-19.

The website contains several different sections to help you with planning and running Health Information Week 2020 (#HIW2020):

  • The Public Information page gives some basic guidance for members of the public on finding high quality information. It also includes questions to ask to evaluate patient information. As requested by you, this is a central place to direct patients and members of the public.
  • The Resources page has downloadable resource sheets to help you plan #HIW2020 events:
    • Some of the resource sheets focus on information you may want to highlight to your users – General health information sources; Apps; Charities; Finding information (information on finding and evaluating information); Quality standards (for health information); Physical wellbeing; and Mental wellbeing.
    • Others focus on how to run an event. As well as the Ideas Bank, there is also a resource sheet on running an online event which will be particularly relevant given current social distancing restrictions.
  • Keep up with the latest updates from the Health Information Week team on our blog page
  • If you want to contact the team, as well as healthinfoweek@gmail.com or @HealthInfoWeek , you can now use our Contact Form.

Your feedback at the #UKMedLibs Twitter chat on 19th May suggested we should prioritise paying for a domain name. The team is currently investigating implementing this for 2021, so the web address will not change before #HIW2020 starts on 6th July.

Lindsay Snell, University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust, and Sheena Campbell, Patient Information Forum

Health Information Week: a focus for 2020 needs

We all need information that we can trust, particularly in this time of Coronavirus. We also need to look after our well-being, whether our mental health or our physical health.

In response to these needs, the Health Information Week 2020 project team has decided to refocus the themes of the week to:

  • finding information you can trust;
  • and well-being.

Anticipating that most activity during Health Information Week is likely to be online, we will have a vibrant new web presence and a new logo.

We will signpost to a wide range of resources produced by partners, including those produced by members of the Patient Information Forum and listed by the Reading Agency.

If you have already set up activities using the previously suggested daily themes, do schedule these as appropriate, but the national focus is shifting in response to the national need.

More will follow with the refreshed online look for 2020.

Health Information Week 2020 project group healthinfoweek@gmail.com

Looking for inspiration for Health Information Week 2020 (#HIW2020)?

Health Information Week is a national, multi-sector campaign to promote high quality information for patients and the public. High quality health information can have a huge impact on people’s ability to stay healthy and manage illnesses effectively, giving them a better quality of life. This year, #HIW2020 runs from Monday 6th to Sunday 12th July.

Are you interested in being involved in #HIW2020 but not sure where to start? Or maybe you’ve been involved for a number of years and you’re looking for something different to do this year? Perhaps you don’t feel you have the resources to do much? Alternatively maybe you’d like to do make #HIW2020 a really significant part of your outreach work this year? The good news is that you can spend as much or as little time as you have on #HIW2020, from running a week long programme of events to simply retweeting posts from @HealthInfoWeek.

The Ideas Bank is a great place to start. It includes all the ideas from previous years, and we’ve recently updated it to include new ideas from #HIW2019 activities run by different teams from across the country. Maybe a walkabout to key teams would be more effective than a display? Maybe you can ask a health professional to present at a public library or other public venue?

The Ideas Bank includes:

  • Tips for making contact with teams in your local area who may be interested in working with you, both inside and outside your organisation
  • Ideas for teams with limited time and resources
  • Fun ideas to draw a crowd
  • And more!

And if you have other ideas, please let us know – other people may find them really useful too. Email us on Healthinfoweek@gmail.com or Tweet us on @HealthInfoWeek

Your organisation’s Covid-19 response may affect the planning you can do at this stage. Dependent on how things develop, it may also affect what is possible during #HIW2020 itself. Follow national guidance, and also your local guidance. Some of the things in the Ideas Bank would not be appropriate during current precautions – they are included in hope that by Monday 6th July, they will once again be safe. Other things, such as social media use, can continue as usual during Covid-19.

Lindsay Snell on behalf of the HIW team