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Learning the lessons: techniques to capture and share the learning

In unprecedented times such as these learning takes place rapidly and there is a need for simple yet effective techniques to be adopted to enable the capture and re-use of knowledge and learning.

With many people asking about ways to gather lessons learned and share learning effectively Health Education England Library and Knowledge Services have created a short video outlining some simple techniques that can be easily incorporated into daily work activities to help the spread of good practice and avoidance of pitfalls so new work can get off to a great start.

Please share the video and poster:  Avoid pitfalls by learning from others -learned before during after

You may also find Section 5 Learning Lessons in the Pandemic/Disaster Recovery Toolkit prepared by BHT Library and Knowledge Service 17 April 2020 useful.

Knowledge Mobilisation Framework E-Learning is now LIVE

Following an official launch on Wednesday, the Knowledge Mobilisation Framework E-Learning is now live on the E-learning for Healthcare Platform.

Participants at the #Knowvember18 Training Event  in Exeter on the 5th September celebrating the launch of the updated Knowledge Mobilisation Framework E-Learning Modules and associated quick reference cards.

The modules introduce eleven knowledge mobilisation techniques that can be used by the wider health workforce  to learn before, during and after a piece of work to help to replicate good practice and avoid pitfalls.  Accompanying the modules are the updated Knowledge Mobilisation Framework Postcards.

Enrolling on the programme is quick and easy  and enables you to record your progress or alternatively you can choose to access freely as a guest.

A choosing tool has been developed to help you to select the right technique for a given situation or you can browse, working through all eleven modules or dipping in and out to suit your own circumstances.

Further publicity will take place throughout the autumn but for now we are calling on all Library and Knowledge Service Staff to promote the modules and use of the techniques locally within their organisations.

Feel free to use the flyer, which also features the How to Search the Literature Effectively: a Step by Step Guide to Success E-Learning modules, and share the link widely:


For further information about the modules, the quick reference cards, the techniques featured or #Knowvember18 please contact a member of the Knowledge for Healthcare Mobilising Evidence and Knowledge Workstream Group:




Mobilising evidence and organisational knowledge

Did you ever wonder what you might say if your Chief Executive got in the lift with you and said, ‘So, tell me, what is Knowledge Management?’


A comprehensive new guide, prepared by  Sue Lacey Bryant and David Stewart, helps you give a concise answer. It sets out the many development opportunities available to healthcare librarians and knowledge specialists, covering core skills, ways of mobilising organisational knowledge in health care settings, leadership and advanced specialist skills.

Download Mobilising Evidence and Organisational Knowledge: Development opportunities for healthcare librarians and knowledge specialists [pdf]