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Inductions: death by Powerpoint or jumpstart into a new working life?

Staff induction: we’ve all been there…endless slide presentations, hours of information you’ll never remember (much less use), weak coffee in a Styrofoam cup and half a biscuit, if you’re lucky!  Does it really have to be this way?

Of course not!

Whether you are looking for inspiration to bring life into your own inductions for library users or struggling to work out what to include in your own library staff inductions then do have a look at two brand new sections on the Learning Zone.

Under Generic Skills – Marketing and Promotion we have a new section called Tips for Library Inductions which has been produced by the West Midlands Trainers Group and works as a “pick and mix” of ideas for more engaging library inductions for users.  Case studies, tips and checklists to ensure your users will never drop off to sleep again!

And over in Career Pathway and Vocational Skills we have created a new topic area called Inductions for LKS Staff which covers some of the basics to consider when putting together an induction programme for your shiny new library staff member.

And if you have an induction resource you would like to share, then please let us know by submitting it to the Learning Zone using our online feedback form or via Twitter @KfHLearningZone

Sian Aynsley: Learning Zone Chair

Hello from the Value and Impact Task and Finish Group

Value and Impact is one of two task and finish groups operating within the Quality and Impact work stream of the Knowledge for Healthcare programme.  The group has the remit of refreshing the online Impact Toolkit with the aim of broadening its relevance to library services working outside the acute sector, and to increase the range of tools available to enable the assessment of impacts upon areas such as management and commissioning.

The group first met in May 2015 and decided early in its development that an agreed definition of impact would be valuable in establishing a common baseline.  The adopted definition was taken from ISO 16439:2014 Information and documentation — Methods and procedures for assessing the impact of libraries:

Difference or change in an individual or group resulting from the contact with library services

As preparatory work a scoping literature search was undertaken together with an analysis of fully compliant LQAF submissions for Criterion 1.3C.  These were supplied by LKSL Leads with permission of local managers (3 regions returned, 24 fully compliant submissions).

Consultation with the NHS Library workforce was essential before work on refreshing the toolkit could begin.  A committed and enthusiastic reference group assisted with the creation and testing of a SurveyMonkey-based questionnaire looking at how (if at all) library staff made use of the Impact Toolkit, whether they used any alternatives, what they did with the results, and invited suggestions for improvement of the toolkit resource.

The survey was open during August 2015 and received responses from 136 services (63% based on figures reported in Knowledge for Healthcare) with representation from all the LETBs.

An initial analysis of the responses to the survey shows that although over 95% of respondents already collect impact data, reported usage of the toolkit itself is quite low.  Looking at what impact information is used for, the evaluation and modification of services came out top with 89% while publicity and marketing (79%) and justification for business cases/funding bids (60%) were also popular responses.

Over the next few weeks we will be analysing the written responses to the survey and will report on these in the next blog.  We will then move on to work on refreshing the toolkit based on results and suggestions from the survey and other evidence.  The target date for completion of the toolkit refresh is the end of March 2016.

Membership of the Value and Impact Task and Finish Group

  • Jenny Turner – East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust (Chair)
  • Stephen Ayre – George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust
  • Douglas Knock – King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • Rebecca Mitchelmore – Isle of Wight NHS Trust
  • Susan Smith – Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • Sophie Pattison – University College London
  • Dominic Gilroy – Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

KfH goes global in Health Libraries and Information Journal

Sue Lacey Bryant*, David Stewart** and  Louise Goswami*** have written the editorial “Knowledge for Healthcare: the future of health librarianship”
for Health Information and Libraries Journal 32, (3) September 2015, pages 163–167.

It is available from http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/hir.12119/abstract

If you are a CILIP HLG member then you can access this editorial free of charge by logging in to the CILIP website at http://www.cilip.org.uk/ and then navigating to the HLG page at http://www.cilip.org.uk/health-libraries-group/health-information-and-libraries-journal

*Sue Lacey Bryant
Senior Advisor, Knowledge for Healthcare
Programme, Health Education England

**David Stewart
Chair, Workforce Planning and Development
Group, Knowledge for Healthcare programme,

***Louise Goswami
National Programme Manager for Library and
Knowledge Services, Health Education England,