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Metrics Update

The Metrics Task and Finish group is largely resting after the publication of their Report and the accompanying Quality Metrics Template.

I spoke about the work we had completed at HLG2016 Scarborough and it brought home to me the need to make the materials we had produced more accessible.  The strong attendance and active debate impressed on me that people were definitely interested but struggling to get to grips with how to proceed.

To address this I took advantage of the annual poster competition at #NHSHE2016 and submitted the below poster on Metrics.  I went with trying to hammer home the message about the four principles and what they mean in practice. Using MARC as an acrostic had the bonus of chucking in a feeble nerdy library pun.

The poster was well received (though only placed 6th in the competition) and I was particularly pleased to see a tweet afterwards sharing the poster with a group of other libraries after it had been raised at a network meeting.

I am hoping that people will share with me examples of how they have used the metrics work. Development is underway to provide a submission tool for sharing metrics similar to that to be used around impact case studies. In the meantime – do get in touch with thoughts, questions and comments.

Alan Fricker
Metrics TaF Chair

Welcome to the Quality and Impact Working Group

The group leads and is responsible for the delivery of HEE’s Knowledge for Healthcare Quality and Impact work programme

The goal of the group is to continue to drive service improvement and to demonstrate the value of knowledge services by:

  • Enhancement of the impact toolkit to enable robust evaluation of impact and development of quality case studies

To refresh the tool, promote widespread adoption and publish case studies in order to attract more decision-makers to make best use of these services

  • Ensuring meaningful measures for successes
  • Refresh of the Library Quality Assurance Framework (LQAF)

We will refresh the Library Quality Assurance Framework to ensure it continues to drive service improvement and is aligned with wider education and service monitoring processes

  • Build an LKS evidence base through development of research in LKS and support the application to underpin the spread of innovation

Knowledge teams will continue to undertake and publish research in the field, thereby building the evidence base for service improvement and sharing best practice.

For 15/16 our main priorities are the development of the value and impact toolkit and the metrics for success. Quality and impact is a running theme throughout knowledge for healthcare and there are some great case studies highlighted in the framework, we hope to develop this further by building up a collection of impact case studies.

Details of the working group task and finish group and reference group members can be found on the Knowledge for Healthcare Programme Update of NHS Library and Knowledge Services Website.

Watch out for more blogs from both the working group and the task and finish groups for more updates and progress.

Clare Edwards
Chair Quality and Impact Working Group