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The STEM Club in the North East of England

Working in partnership to support the work of the Sustainability and Transformation Partnership

The publication of the NHS Five Year Forward View and the subsequent arrival of Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STPs) signalled an attempt to change relationships between NHS providers and commissioners, moving away from a competitive marketplace towards closer partnership working.

In the North East of England, a group of staff from NHS Library and Knowledge Services, Commissioning and Public Health are looking to do the same. The Sustainability and Transformation Evidence Mobilisation Club (or STEM Club) is an informal group of colleagues working to support the mobilisation of evidence within the healthcare system.

We are trying to achieve this aim in two ways:

* By making links to work streams within the North East and Cumbria Partnership (and potentially beyond)

* By providing both virtual and real (in person) opportunities to connect as a group and understand who is working on what, making effective use of our collective knowledge and insights

A small group of STEM members has been meeting for over a year now and we have started to make links between work stream leads and library and knowledge staff. So far, a number of LKS staff have been involved in working on number of topics including:

* Frailty

* Maternal choice in perinatal care

* Physical exercise in preventive healthcare

We held our first full meeting of the STEM Club in March 2018. We used the name Club as the group has no formal governance arrangements as such. The event was attended by staff from LKS, Public Health, Commissioning and HE. A number of members of the group are from Yorkshire and Humber and we are happy to welcome colleagues from outside the North East. We were genuinely surprised at the level of enthusiasm in the room. There was a huge amount of interest in the work that has been done so far and a shared commitment to continuing with this approach. A few key challenges and affirmations came from the day:

* STEM is a “bottom-up” movement. This is genuine partnership working between colleagues with a shared interest in evidence mobilisation.

* We need to be responsive to the pace of work at a system level and be able to “share as we go”.

* We also need to be open to accessing and using a range of different types of evidence and knowledge (including tacit knowledge).

We are thinking about how we can share more widely regionally and nationally and we would be very interested to hear from others who have been working with their STPs locally.

The librarians who have been involved in the work are happy to share their experiences with you: Kirstin Himsworth County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust Claire Masterman County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust Dor Wilson Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust

You may also want to contact your Regional LKS Lead to find out more about working with STPs:

David Stewart  (North)

Ruth Carlyle (Midlands and the East)

Helen Bingham (South)

Louise Goswami (London & KSS)

Joanne Naughton
NHS Library and Knowledge Services Development Manager – North East

Collaborative Procurement Survey

The ‘Collaborative Procurement Survey’ has been live now for over a month and the purpose of collating the data is to get a complete picture of NHS funded electronic resources procurement across the NHS in England (not print or eJournals). We’d like to know what you purchase, how you purchase and how it is funded. The information provided will allow us to negotiate with suppliers to provide better deals for collaborative procurement, ensuring we are providing a return on investment and better value for money. If you already purchase as part of a collaborative agreement, please provide details in the comments box for each question. Alternatively, if your area already has this data collated then please send the compiled data to HEEE.K4H@nhs.net.

Thanks to everyone who has completed the survey so far, that’s 106 services!

Answer Options Response Count
Health Education West Midlands 15
Health Education East Midlands 7
Health Education East of England 0*
Health Education South West 9
Health Education Thames Valley 5
Health Education North West London 7
Health Education South London 4
Health Education North West 24
Health Education Yorkshire and Humber 13
Health Education North East 4
Health Education Kent, Surrey and Sussex 9
Health Education North Central and East London 5
Health Education Wessex 4
answered question 106

*EoE are in the procurement process and will respond in due course.

I know a few have yet to complete it so we’ve decided to extend the deadline to Friday 20th May 2016. To view the survey before completing it, use the preview link. Once you ‘ve collated all your information, use this link to complete the survey.

The next step will be to analyse the data from the survey and work with three suppliers to explore a collaborative procurement model across the country. If you have the skill and capacity to do some analysis then please let me know and don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any questions about the survey HEEE.K4H@nhs.net.

Imrana Ghumra
Collaborative Procurement T&F Group Chair

Core service offer – your feedback please! – consultation date extended to Friday 5th February 2016

The Core Service Offer Task & Finish group has been developing a flexible, positive statement of the services we provide, and the value that library and knowledge services can collectively add.

We have tested this with the chairs of all Service Transformation Task and Finish Groups, and our wider reference group members, and would now like to open this out for wider consultation.

The draft offer comprises two elements:

  • a (very rough) draft visual which represents a print flyer and corresponding website (click on the image to enlarge it),
Core service offer draft 1.6
Core service offer draft 1.6
  • and a matrix which contains the bespoke offer for specific user groups, with one row of the spreadsheet providing a more detailed description of that that user group can expect in each of the core identified areas of service. (eligibilitymatrix2.3.xls)

While we are seeking to enhance the standard service offer, and to ensure that all of these groups may access all of these services, it is acknowledged that not all local library services will be in a position to offer all services to all user groups.

  • There are user groups where a funded service level agreement would need to be in place for anything exceeding core services.
  • Additionally, there may be elements that are delivered by only one service in a LETB or geography and the role of other services is to signpost.

Further work will include developing guidance on implementation, and ensuring that the wording of LDAs is supportive of services, so that it becomes easier to deliver a consistent service across the country.

Partnerships will be key to implementation, optimising the services that individuals can access from all available providers, so there has never been a better time to form cross-sector relationships within LKS.

Please review the documents and then participate in our survey at https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/7Z9XC6Z

The survey will be open until Friday 5th February (extended from Friday 29th January).

We’d like to have one response per service to ensure fair representation, but please do share with your whole team if possible.

Sarah Johns on behalf of the Core Service Offer Task & Finish group