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Hello from the Metrics Task and Finish Group

Metrics are the second task and finish group in the Quality and Impact work stream of the Knowledge for Healthcare programme.  Our remit initially is to consider how we should define metrics for the programme and in Library and Knowledge Services for the NHS more generally.  We want to ensure that we measure our services in ways that are valid, unambiguous and effective.  Building on this we will look at the use of balanced scorecards for gathering and reporting performance indicators.  The group will then consider the NHS LKS annual statistics return.

Each piece of work should inform the others building our understanding and options.  One potential scenario is to end up with widely acceptable and replicable performance indicators, presented consistently and reporting simply at year end or when required.  Clearly this is an ambitious vision and a certain amount of work away!

The group has been meeting virtually since the summer following a change of Chair.  We have been busy on preparatory research, literature searches and assembling the framework for our metrics report.  We are looking at past work in this area in the NHS and at ongoing developments elsewhere.

At the heart of the report will be an exploration of principles for good metrics.

To help us establish those principles we need to have a clear picture of what current practice looks like.  To that end we are asking you to complete a brief survey tool.  The tool invites you to present and explain the metrics you are currently finding most useful.  This could be in terms of understanding your service or in making the case with your stakeholders.  There is space for three but if you have fewer that you really like then just give us those. Equally you can offer more by just completing it again.  There are very few other questions.  If you can provide an email address for us to check any details that would be appreciated but it is not mandatory.

As good metrics will underpin all aspects of Knowledge for Healthcare we need to move on with this work quickly.  Accordingly the closing date for the survey has been set for the 31st of October.  We will analyse the data in November and then push on with the report to ensure it is complete before the end of the year.


Members of the Task and Finish Group

Angela Clifford, Nottinghamshire Healthcare FT
Dorothy Curtis, Gloucestershire Hospitals FT
Alan Fricker, King’s College London (Chair)
Richard Parker, Heart of England
Lorna Wilson, Norfolk & Norwich UHT

Previous members –

Andrew Brown, Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust
Steve Glover, Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust