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Introduction to the talent management process

Preparing for the talent conversation – manager’s guide

The talent management conversation – inteviewee guide

60 ways to develop – mp3


60 ways to develop

A PDF list of 60 ways in which an individual can develop themselves or be developed.

FAQs on the talent management conversation

10 FAQs relating to the management of the talent management conversation.

Guide for managers (interviewers) on holding a talent management conversation

Aimed at managers or interviewers who will be “hosting” the talent management conversation.

Guide for staff (interviewees) on a talent management conversation

Aimed at LKS staff who will be  interviewed as part of a talent management conversation.

Talent conversation evaluation (Word)

Allows for reflection and evaluation of the talent conversation by the interviewee. Includes a talent management discussion review.

Talent grid (PDF)

Provides a framework to enable managers and professional leads to distinguish between talent and those consistently doing a great job day-to-day.

Talent management glossary (PDF)

Created by Asset Skills in February 2013 as an “Employer Toolkit” it comprises a list of terms associated with talent management.

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Unconscious bias at work

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Identifying talent

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