Updated guidance from your NHS Copyright First Responders!

With the arrival of the new CLA Licence Plus for the NHS in England in April, and new recruits to the Copyright First Responders’ Group, we’ve taken the opportunity to review and refresh the guidance we provide for healthcare library staff at https://kfh.libraryservices.nhs.uk/resourcediscovery/copyright/.

The actual changes to the Licence are small – hospice staff are now covered, we may now place bulletins containing journal article/database abstracts on our websites, and we have a new supplier of Copyright Fee Paid articles (Reprints Desk) alongside the existing ones (BL and the RSM Library). But we’ve been through all the guidance with fresh eyes, to see where we might make things clearer or present information differently.

The updated resources include:

We have also made a slight modification to the good practice guidelines for current awareness services, in the section on IPR and copyright.

If you haven’t looked at these resources for a while, do consider finding time to do so. And if you have a copyright query, you know where we are! nhscopyrightqueries@libraryservices.nhs.uk

Helen Bingham
Head of Knowledge Services and Technology Enhanced Learning (South)

2 thoughts on “Updated guidance from your NHS Copyright First Responders!

  1. Good question Lisa. When we got our first CLA Licence Plus in 2015, the CLA offered to work with us to provide a means for NHS library staff to search the bank of CFP articles supplied to NHS organisations as part of the Licence deal. However, it is has so far proved difficult to come up with a way to integrate a repository of CFP articles into NHS library workflows, rather than simply present it as (yet another) separate source to search. So it is still work in progress. Meanwhile, if you request CFP articles from Reprints Desk, and happen to request an article that has previously been supplied to the NHS under the Licence, they will supply another copy without charging it to ‘our account’.

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