User Satisfaction Tools

During 2018 a small working group of NHS library and knowledge specialists and HEE staff commenced work around user satisfaction.  Reviewing the current evidence we quickly concluded that a key element of our work should be to encourage our users to tell us about areas of our services which need improving in addition to simply expressing satisfaction.  While acknowledging the high quality offer available within our services, we also recognise that no service is perfect and that, in order to improve, we needed our users to tell us about any “niggles” and annoying experiences so that these can be tackled.

It was decided to develop a short user survey using a similar methodology to the Generic Impact Survey.  Existing examples of surveys with a similar focus were analysed and reduced to a few key questions which, in the opinion of the team, are core.  The idea would be to encourage the use of the survey in relation to a key instance of use of the Library and Knowledge Service in order to encourage clarity and focus.

A short questionnaire was developed and piloted twice by volunteer Library and Knowledge services using a mix of electronic and paper forms. The results were then analysed.

The results of the survey showed that it was retrieving far less actionable responses than had been anticipated.  Nevertheless, team members involved in the project indicated that they would value having the tool available, as part of a suite of resources, for use in their service.  We are therefore sharing this work, together with some guidance documents, for any services who may find them useful.

In addition, several colleagues successfully trialed the use of Hively software (other software providing similar functionality is available).  This provides instant feedback opportunities from users through an addition to the e-mail footer of participating library staff.  Learning from this work is also provided.

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User Satisfaction Group:
Karen Wight, Tracy Owen, Lucy Gilham, Paula Elliott, Gil Earl, Dominic Gilroy, Clare Edwards