Demonstrating Impact for LQAF

This toolkit brings together a range of materials useful in measuring value as well as impact.  As a result of this approach not all the tools contained within the toolkit are appropriate in demonstrating compliance against LQAF criteria 1.3c

Those elements of the toolkit which contain resources that could be used as evidence for criteria 1.3c have been clearly marked with the following icon:


Please note that each individual tool may help NHS LKS to demonstrate partial compliance but systematic use of a range of tools will be required for any service wishing to claim full compliance in addition to use of the resulting evidence in an appropriate way.

Evidence that a variety of methods are used to systematically gather information about the impact of library/knowledge services and that the information that has been gathered has been used to demonstrate the impact of services.”

For quick reference the LQAF appropriate elements are listed below:

***These elements form the outputs of the KfH Value and Impact Work Stream

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