KfH Impact Tools

To note: 

  • Remember that a small sample size or low response rate can skew the results. This would mean claims about value and impact may be inaccurate or inappropriate. 


Generic impact questionnaire for health knowledge and library services 

The short questionnaire provides a standard and systematic way of obtaining impact information from customers who have used one of the library and knowledge service’s resources or services. 

Interview schedules 

Generic impact interview schedule for health knowledge and library services 

The tools are designed as a best practice guide for local adaptation.  They include questionnaire schedules and a consent form for off-the-shelf use. 

Case Studies 

Case studies can effectively capture and summarise the outcome of interviews. This can then be used for advocacy, marketing and promotion of library and knowledge services. 

We encourage you to submit your completed case studies  

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These tools were developed by the Knowledge for Healthcare Value and Impact Task and Finish Group. 

The tools are based on  

  • the 2009 Impact Toolkit (developed by the former NHS South Central and National Library for Health) and 
  • the 2007 toolkit developed by the University of Aberystwyth.