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Can be used to capture and summarise the outcome of interviews in an effective way.  The information can be used for advocacy, marketing and promotion of LKS

C1a. Case study template

C1b. Case study template protected in ‘forms‘ format 
Note: Password protected document for services to distribute.
The password for LKS to change the field wording is “Impact 2017”

C1c. Case Study Update form
Note:  To be used for providing updates to impact case studies already posted on the KfH Impact Database

C2. A completed case study example

C3. Brief guidance on using the case study template

Further guidance on using the tools

Insights into developing Impact Case Studies with examples of good and not so good narratives

Guidance on obtaining consent

Frequently asked questions

Impact Vignette Local LKS Template

We encourage you to submit your completed case studies here

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