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Effectiveness is about whether something works (does what it is supposed to do) or meets its objectives.  In health care it often involves a focus on what works and what works best.

Effectiveness often involves some type of measurement and can include an evaluation, or in some cases research.

Evaluation is about determining whether objectives have been met and meeting standards, whereas research is about providing new knowledge.  When working within the NHS it is important to be clear about the distinction, as research projects require NHS ethical approval whereas service evaluations do not.

Systematic review evidence on conducting evaluations of clinical librarian services, evaluations of health library services and evaluating training in health libraries may be useful when planning evaluations or work about effectiveness.

Within health care, systematic reviews are often undertaken to summarise the effectiveness of interventions.  Within library and knowledge services, systematic reviews are developing. Not all are focused on effectiveness, but those that do exist are mainly focused on health library services.

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