A range of tools are available: 

  • Balanced scorecardlooks at four different perspectives: customer, internal business, learning and development, financial
  • Critical incident techniqueusers provide details of a specific instance or use and then answer questions relating to this particular instance
  • Impact assessment method: measures the cognitive impact of knowledge resources on health professionals
  • Impact tools: range of resources to help measure impact 
  • Infographicsvisual aids for telling a story about impact
  • Irish Hospital Library Tool: a simple objective measure (one question) of the contribution of hospital library and knowledge services to their strategic objectives
  • Logic model: example showing the results of an impact evaluation of the contribution of clinical librarians to patient care and NHS organisational objectives
  •  Making Alignment a Priority (MAP): assists LKS staff to align their service to organisational and national objectives in order to achieve impact
  •  Value of LIS Study: large scale study showing the impact of hospital libraries (the Rochester Study)